What Happens When You Loose Your Shit?

Ahh. Children. What wonderful tiny little people they are.
But at times they can be serious twuntnuggets but we still love them.
When your children push you to your ultimate limit what do you do?
Are you like myself and many other parents who do end up yelling? Do you loose your self control a bit?
I am here to just remind you that it's ok to loose your shit once in a while, everyone has a limit and boy, don't kids love to push it!
I think what every parent needs to remember is that after you loose your shit you need to find a way to resolve the actual situation, no doubt you've made your child scared, upset, probably worse to be totally honest, they don't understand why you are yelling at them, they are confused.
How are you going to resolve the situation?
I apologise to my children.
I say sorry first, because I, as an adult should know better, I should be more in control with my emotions and I have scared someone not even half my size and although loosing my shit once in a while is normal it's still awful for a child to witness.
I have found a lot of good things come out of situations when I have apologised to my children, I find they hug me and apologise to me too, we show empathy to each other and we show love.
I think a lot of parents need just a gentle reminder at time that it's OK to apologise to their children, it doesn't make you weak, it doesn't make a child feel like they are 'winning', it simply shows that as an adult you can take action over your own mistakes, that rubs off well onto a child.

So yes, you are not alone if you loose your shit with your kids, but remember, you are shouting at a tiny little person and you have just terrified them, apologise for your mistake, have a big cuddle and calm your tits.