Rags To Richardsons Review

So I've been working with the lady behind Rags To Richardsons, she needed a little girl to model one of her new dress designs she had been working on, so I picked the fabrics, got Eppy all measured up and awaited for the "all posted" message.
I love a lot of WAHM (work at home mums) outfits, they are always amazingly well made, I don't buy as many as I should mainly because obviously my own mother is a dress maker so she will make anything we want and the prices are usually quite high, I'm not saying the prices are wrong by all means as you have to take into account the material cost, time etc so it's all worth it, but when you're paying about £40 for a dress it's just a bit much when you're on a budget.
We do own quite a bit of WAHM items but I tend to buy them preloved on the Facebook pages, it saves money, but I have bought new WAHM items before like nappies etc, my reusable pads were bought new from Lady Days too.
I wish I could do dress making, it's a skill I would bloody love to be able to do, but having tried it before I really SUCK at it. I am just not artistic enough.
Anyway. I was kept up to date with all the dress making progress, it was nice to be talked through the whole process and told when she was working on the dress, here are some photos of the process;

The Fabrics;

The Pattern Pieces;

The Collar;

The Bodice;

Almost there;

The Hem;

The Final Product;

So as you can see, the dress it bloody beautiful, I love the little cap sleeves - they are so pretty!
The dress on Eppy is just beautiful, it's full length, her reaction was "I look like a princess!" She is completely in love with it.
This dress will be worn on special occasions as I really don't want her to get it messy!
It's really well made and the colours go well together, I love the cut of the neck line, the red waist gives it more of an edge I think, breaks the pattern up well.
Beautifully made and just completely worth every penny the design will be sold for.
So please do check out Rags To Richardsons on Facebook, she's based in Ipswich so actually fairly local to myself (which I liked even more as I prefer to support local sellers), give her a like, check out her other designs and makes. If you don't know what you want then talk to her, work with her, she'll happily help you out as best she can.

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  1. That dress looks absolutely gorgeous! I love made to order dress especially back home in Philippines because it's cheaper and you can choose the design and fabric you want. Dressmaking is one of the skill I would love to do as well but I just can't run a sewing machine, so I give up. lol. Your little is adorable, the dress suits her! #bestandworst

  2. The Dress is beautiful and you can tell it has been made with love

  3. That is so pretty!! I love bespoke items this is gorgeous and thanks for linking up #bestandworst

  4. Thank you so much for this review :D And for all the lovely comments as well.... Apologies it has taken me so long to get around to reading it. xx


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