Africa & Tears

We have had a pretty busy week, last weekend Robert & I took the kids to Africa Alive.
I have been to that zoo so many times in the past, it is a boring zoo, there's nothing really exciting there but we thought as we had some Tesco Clubcard points to use up we may as well treat the kids to a trip there as we figured they would enjoy it!
It was a beautiful day on Sunday, we took a picnic to save us a bit of cash as food there is really expensive!
When we arrived we made our way around the zoo, the kids spent most of their time jumping in puddles and obsessing over the mud, we should have seen it coming really, once they have their wellies on that's it, all they want is to go puddle jumping.
Eventually we made it round the whole zoo, when the kids finished obsessing over the puddles they obsessed over the train that goes round the entire park, so we went on that, we watched a bird show, walked through a special walk through bit and saw some lemurs, went into the goat petting bit (Edward got headbutted by a goat), we had our picnic, had an ice cream and the kids played on the park bit.
We were done by about 3pm, I think once you see a lion you've seen them all really.

Edward went back to school this week.
I was 50% sad and 50% ready to crack open a bottle of champagne and dance around the living room singing S Club 7 hits.
I LOVE spending time with Edward and this half term has been a complete blast! But. Edward and Eppy argue like cat and dog which is really normal for siblings, but it does my fucking nut in.
Robert started his two weeks off work on Monday, typical him actually getting some holiday when it's not half term, so this week he's been sort of relaxing (as much as you can when you have a toddler running around), we've been pretty lucky with the weather so we have been out quite a bit.
Tuesday I had my Home Start training so Eppy & daddy got to spend some lovely time together they did some baking & painting too.
I also found out the result of the job interview I had - I didn't get the job, I cried. I only didn't get it because they hired someone with more retail experience. Ahh well, onwards and upwards.

Also this week we also went to Beccles, we went on a search for a new diary for me, I was looking at getting a Filofax but they are pretty expensive, I also have had one before and I can't find it! I didn't manage to find a new diary in Beccles, so we gave up the search and I treated Robert, Eppy & myself to a lunch at Wetherspoons.
We then popped to Tesco and Iceland and then drove home, I then sent Eppy and Robert out to the park up the road whilst I caught up with a bit of cleaning.
I've actually managed so far to keep on top of cleaning at home, even with Robert about, pretty chuffed really! I hate cleaning with Robert around, I don't know why, just feel like I'm being watched like bloody Cinderella.

I started this week a Maths learning book with Edward, we refuse to do homework set by the school, we don't feel at his age it's needed and it's also not law. But. I wanted to something in the evenings with him before he goes to sleep just to help him along a bit with his writing and his math skills, he's very good at maths and he really enjoys it so I thought he may like to do some extra work at home.
So using the book I got from Aldi we now do a page of it each night before bed.
I'm thinking of getting some English ones and some Science ones so he's got a choice of what he wants to do.
This half term he's currently learning about pirates at school, so I may try and focus his home learning around that if he wants to do it that way.

Today Robert, Eppy & I went to Lowestoft, I posted some parcels and we bought Eppy some new shoes for preschool, she needed some soft run around ones for there, we got her feet measured as I had no idea what size they were she's now a 5 which is slightly annoying as she has some awesome other shoes at home but they are a 6! Hopefully not long till her feet grow a bit more haha.
We then went to Starbucks which has only just recently opened up in Lowestoft, it was lovely! The staff were nice and it was just lovely to sit in, when you sit in there it doesn't feel like you're actually in Lowestoft anymore (which some would say is a blessing).
I also got a new diary today!
The rest of the day was fairly smooth.
Robert left to catch the bus to Norwich after we picked Edward up from school, he's off to the new Brewdog bar which has just opened, he's a share holder so he's pretty excited that they finally now have a bar in Norwich.
We are also going there tomorrow night as we're off to see the Jungle Book film with Sadie & Matt as it's Matt's birthday, so at least then I get to check it out.

So yeah, that's been our week so far really.
Hope you have all had an enjoyable week!