Let's Play With Viking Poo

Is it really almost Wednesday? Really? This week is just flying by!

Last Friday was a nightmare, the new Alice in Wonderland collection by Irregular Choice went on sale and well! What a bloody shambles that was! As soon as it hit 12pm the website crashed, it could not handle all the traffic, I really wanted the Cheshire Cat flats but I just couldn't get them and the page kept crashing, so I managed to score the 'We're All Mad Here' boots which were double the price! But at least I got them in my size and made it through check out! They are probably the most expensive shoes I now own (or will when they arrive this week!) £220! But totally worth it because they are fecking beautiful.

At the weekend we all went as a family on Saturday to Norwich Castle as they had a big thing about Vikings on, we thought the kids would enjoy it.
We explored the castle, the kids and Robert built a bridge, Edward played with a trebuchet, we looked at some Viking artifacts, Robert tried on a proper helmet (it was super heavy!) and held a big axe, we looked at how the Vikings made arrow points out of anything (including toilets!), we found some dragons (special How To Train Your Dragon exhibition was also being held), Edward got to dress up as a Viking and he also got to play with Viking poo and pick out bits from it like peppercorns etc.
Over all it was a nice trip there, was pretty expensive though, much cheaper if you are home educating.

In Norwich we also picked out some games for Edward's birthday for the Wii console, it was quite hard to find ones aimed at his age, I hope he actually likes them. I imagine he's probably going to prefer his skates, I have also ordered him two new Thomas Take & Play sets as he's just loving those at the moment too.
Picked up some leggings for my mother from Primarni aswell.

In the afternoon on Saturday we went to Aldi, I did my good deed for the day by giving a woman one of our reusable carrier bags, her handles split and she looked so unhappy haha, so I figured as we have so bloody many I'd just give her one, she was very thankful, see, I'm nice really!

Sunday was Skydi's little sister's birthday so we went to her birthday party in the afternoon, it was a nice little party and we all went bowling and then the kids had some party food and then went into the jungle gym. They all enjoyed themselves I think which was the main thing.

Monday was fairly relaxing, though in the evening I went to Slimming World, over the two weeks I had not been there I have gained 4 pounds, which is fine, I did nothing but binge eat really and just wasn't really focused. But I am focused now and I needed that small kick up the bum to get my arse back into shape. I even stayed for group which I've been unable to do for a while due to just being busy.

Today was my first day of training to be a Home Start support worker, it was a good training day, I woke up early to make my lunch (chicken, pasta, spinach, peppers and mushrooms salad), I think I've made a few friends there, everyone is pretty nice, we all have quite different opinions on parenting which is always interesting. I pretty much shot someone down though, they said 'hitting and smacking are two different things' err no, they are not, they are the SAME thing! You are still hurting/scaring a child. It's the same thing no matter what you name it. It's still being violent towards a child which is not acceptable at all.
I did enjoy the first training session and I am super excited to actually get working, I look forward to helping many families and passing on my parenting knowlege with others.

So yes, that's been the past few days, they have been enjoyable.

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