Windy Vikings

Eppy and I have also caught Edward's wondeful bug.
I feel like death, Eppy currently seems a bit better, she's had quite a few high temps which I've managed to keep under control with Calpol.
This cough is so nasty, it's like having someone run razors up and down my throat.
Don't feel like eating a lot but I'm drinking plenty.

So this weekend we haven't done a heck of a lot because we've been ill (Robert has still escaped the bug!) , but Saturday we did our food shop at Aldi which came to £80, not bad really, we've stopped going to extra shops like Tesco etc now, we need to make a few cut backs so if we can't get it from Aldi I'll just have to go to town to get whatever is needed, we have a good market that comes on a Thursday and we also have the green grocers anyway along with the butchers.
The rest of Saturday was just spent lounging around, Robert had to go to his dad's work to help him out with some health and saftey stuff.

On Sunday I woke up at 5am, feeling like death, I didn't want to stay laying awake in bed coughing and sneezing and wake Robert and Eppy so I went downstairs and just chilled out, caught up on some soaps etc.
When everyone was awake we all got ready to go to Sheringham to see the Vikings.

When we finally arrived in the middle of Sheringham my first thoughts of it were 'oh dear lord, it's fucking cold' and 'by god we are early.'
It was so windy there!
We walked up and down the town and then ducked into a little coffee shop, it was a nice little place where Edward & Robert had a hot chocolate each and I had a pot of tea. I got Eppy a lemon muffin but she had no interest in eating and just wanted to cuddle.
It was freezing cold when we went back outside to go to the main pub where most of the Viking stuff was going on, we had a look round, there was naff all going on truth be told. There was one woman just chopping up some veg, one woman making some bread and one guy holding an axe. It really wasn't as exciting as we had hoped.
We saw the boat that was due to be burned in the evening but even that wasn't as impressive as we had hoped.
As we were leaving (we decided to just go home, we were cold, there was nothing to really do and Eppy really wasn't up to it) one of the Vikings offered to buy Edward from me for 2 chickens haha, I said "2 chickens and cow please!"
Apparently I drive a hard bargain! ;)

So yeah, the Viking thing was a bit of a let down, a long way to have a pot of tea!
On the way home we stopped off in Norwich at KFC as I hadn't eaten all day and wanted some food, Eppy actually ate what I got her (some chicken and chips and a yogurt), she'd not been eating much of late so it was nice to see her actually eat.
Then we went to see grandma and grandad, I sorted out booking mine and Robert's gallery seats for Deadpool next Saturday night, looking at the prices on the Odeon website it seems more logical to buy gallery seats rather than the normal ones, they really aren't that much more expensive when you factor in all the popcorn and nachos and drinks you get free. It also saves Robert and I going out for dinner before hand.

Sunday was also Valentine's day, Robert got me nout but I still got Robert a card and a little coaster thing.
We don't really celebrate Valentine's day, if you get excited over that day then your partner isn't doing something right the other 364 days of the year.

Sunday evening I did my usual feel around of my boobs, I like to check them every week or pretty much whenever I have a shower.
I found a small lump in my breast.
I tried not to panic but obviously when you find something like that you can't help but panic.
This isn't the first time I've found a lump in my breast, I've found one before a few months ago but it went away.

This morning I made a doctors appointment, it's not till 2:50pm, I'm hoping the children wake up in time for it as Edward is already asleep and Eppy is about to drift off.

I still feel god awful today, I hope I feel slightly better tomorrow when I take the kids to the Plantation Garden in Norwich, we are meeting friends there.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.