Playdough Is Rubbish

I said it.
Playdough is complete balls.
I HATE the stuff.
It gets in the carpet, the table, the walls, the hoover, it's horrible horrible stuff!
It also smells vile!
I bought my children some Playdough for Christmas, thinking they'd use it all nicely.
Boy was I fucking wrong.
They mooshed it all together so it's just all grey now with a bit of glitter in it (and dog hair, their hair and probably snot too.)
I refuse to buy it anymore.
I didn't realise I had a touch of OCD till we got out the Playdough.

Someone suggested I make some home made stuff.
Why the hell would I do that?
For them to moosh up more?
I am not a Pinterest mother, I suck at arts and crafts, so do my kids in all honesty, so I'm not going to stand in the kitchen with my pinnie on making more for them to fuck up.
I'm surprised they didn't eat it to be honest.
I think the dog ate some though.

Playdough is banned from our house.

Anyone else hate the fucking stuff? Come on now. You can be honest.

Best of Worst


  1. I also hate playdough! Can't stand it and it is not allowed in our house at all, horrible stuff gets everywhere, so am in total agreement!

  2. It's great to entertain my girl but yep our's is also all mushed up and dried up so goes everywhere!! I haven't the heart not to get it in though, as my daughter would miss it!! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst :-) xx


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