No Lumps, No Bumps, No Fuss

Oh gee wizz.
I have been super busy!
Well, I say super busy, our half term was less so admittedly, we spent most of it curled up on the sofa ill.
Sadly we didn't get to do half the fun stuff I had planned for us this half term because we were all too ill to do anything.
Monday I went to the doctors to get the lump I found at the weekend before checked out, luckily it's nothing to worry about, it's just a lump, the doctor didn't seem concerned so I'm not overly worried, I don't think Robert was too happy about the quick response I got, I think he thinks I should of had a scan, I said I'd go back to the doctor if it was still there next month to be rechecked.
Tuesday I made the crazy decision to take the kids on the bus to see our friend Toni and her daughter Aria, I thought the fresh air would do us the world of good, I was completely and utterly wrong! I felt fucking awful, Eppy was ill as fuck (luckily she was in the sling under my coat so she managed to keep warm), Edward was just so tired too. Toni and her daughter had the same bug as us so I didn't feel too bad about spreading anything, we went to the Plantation Gardens in Norwich but we really didn't stay out there very long as we were freezing, so we went to a lovely pub just a bit further down the road and had a nice lunch which warmed us all up.
It was nice to see Toni and have a catch up but we really shouldn't have ventured outside, they say fresh air is great if you are ill, but I can now say I strongly disagree! Stay indoors and just open a window if anything, stay in your pjs and have a shower or something! DO NOT GO OUTSIDE!!!

Wednesday & Thursday were pretty dull days, Wednesday was Rowan's birthday, I was most upset to miss his birthday but we didn't want to spread our bugs, so Wednesday and Thursday we just stayed home and did sweet fuck all.

Friday my mother came over and as we were feeling a bit better we all went out for a Toby Carvery.
The food when we finally got it after a 40 min wait was nice, but the service was terrible as there was only about 2 waiters around, obviously with two very hungry children a 40 min wait was mental, I had to get them some crisps to keep them occupied, also thanks to Vodafone being the shit company they are I had no 3G or anything to even occupy with them Netflix. Luckily my kids were pretty well behaved and waited pretty well for the food, miracles do happen!

Saturday we did our weekly shop at Aldi, this week the bill only came up to about £50 which was great!
We dropped a load of stuff off at the charity shop as this week I managed to find some time to have a bit clear out of books and DVDS, what I couldn't sell on Zapper I donated, I've managed to make £40 on Zapper just from old books and DVDS, not bad really! Three big boxes worth which I dropped off at Co-op to be collected and posted.
We didn't do much else apart from some cleaning on Saturday, pretty relaxed chilled out day, Robert did do all the washing up which I was pretty chuffed about.
In the evening Robert and I went and watched Deadpool, now that is a movie that everyone needs to go see! I have no idea how it got a rating of 15, but honestly, it's so funny, violent, sexual, it's amazing, probably my favourite Marvel film out of them all. Though that could change in April when the new Captain America film comes out haha.
We sat in the gallery seats in the Odeon in Norwich, so we had unlimited popcorn (I had 3 tubs, shame on me!) and unlimited nachos and drinks!
Go see Deadpool if you can, it's honestly worth the watch, besides, who doesn't like a bit of Ryan Reynolds?

Sunday we all went to Lowestoft and Edward and I went to see Count Duckula live at the theatre! It was super cheesy, it was fantastic for children, there was only about 6 rows behind us with people in them, there were even spaces on the front row free, utter madness! Edward enjoyed the show (and all his snacks that we got from Tesco before the show), I hope he wants to watch the new Count Duckula TV show that's coming back to our screens sometime this week! Because I want to watch it and I'm wondering how lame I would look if I just sat here on my laptop watching it by myself...
In the evening Skydi and co came over, we played some Magic the Gathering and had a few cups of tea. We had a giggle over lots of things and just a nice general catch up.
They are coming over for pizza this Friday too. I miss them, feels like it's been ages since we saw them.

On Monday Edward went back to school, by lunch time I had a phone call from the head teacher telling me that Edward had been shouting at his class teacher and that she was concerned that he kept getting people's genders confused. I explained that my best friend's husband was going through the change at the moment so it might be because of that, and we also explain to him that he can be anything he wants to be, so if he wants to be a boy he can be a boy, if he wants to be a girl he can be a girl, we really don't mind. So the head finally understood that he wasn't actually confused, he was just playing. She wants to refer him to speech and language because she doesn't think he understands things very well and is worried he is a bit slow, I just said find, although I don't really want them involved as last time they kept making us appointments for the ADHD clinic when he clearly doesn't have that at all. They just kept messing us around and they honestly did not help at all. All they ever did was just watch him play with some toys. That was it. But if the school really want to get them involved they can but they will probably just turn around and say he's fine, he's just taking long to settle into school. They do seem to forget a lot he is only 4 and he's a bit rubbish at sharing, but he's getting better. He just gets a little frustrated at times.
Also on Monday I had a visit from a lovely lady who after receiving my application to join a charity called Home Start came over to fill in my details and was happy to accept me into the charity.
Home Start are a charity who have parent volunteers help new families out and give them support, it's a wonderful charity and if you have any spare hours in your week please do sign up for it, because your help can really make a difference!

In light of Edward's behaviour at school recently I have put a sticker chart up in the living room on the door, so whenever he does something really good and has a good day at school he will get a sticker on the chart, once the chart is full I will take him out for the day somewhere amazing.
It seems to be working so far as today (Tuesday) he came home from school in a good mood, I didn't have any mad phone calls from the school and he stayed on 'green' in the traffic light system at school, so he got a sticker.

Today I had my first introduction meeting in Woodton with the Home Start people, it was nice to meet the staff and some of the other new volunteers, we had a nice cup of tea, a chat, and talked about the training we will be doing over the next 8 weeks. I'm super excited to start properly next Tuesday, after watching the DVD they showed it's really good to know how useful we will be to these families, and they are families that WANT you to be there for them which makes the whole thing even better.
Also today (as I was with my mother as she looked after Eppy for me whilst I went to my meeting) we went to Lowestoft and I dropped some more stuff off at the charity shop and then we went to ASDA for a quick browse and a bite to eat in the cafe. The food was actually alright there, I thought it would be as bad as the Morrisons meal we had once but it was actually better and nicely done for a supermarket shop cafe.
Mum mentioned the new Irregular Choice Alice in Wonderland shoe collection that is coming out on Friday, she said she's going to get me the Cheshire Cat flats and the Mad Hatter boots! I am so excited! They are an extra birthday present hehe. They are so beautiful!

That is what we have been up to till now.
I imagine the rest of the week will involve me continuing to declutter the house, I should be taking Eppy to toddler group tomorrow morning, Thursday Edward will go to judo, Friday pizza with friends, Saturday we are going to the Norwich castle as they have a viking exhibition on which we hope to go to and then on Sunday we are going to Skydi's little sister's birthday party. So full on week this week really, no time for naps here for me!