Cough, Snot & Holidays!

Well hey there!
As you may have noticed my blog has had a little update, I've changed around a few things, changed the theme to the blog, I felt like as it's a new year I would just have a little change, I'm not 100% sure on it to be completely honest with you, but we shall just see how we get on.
As you may have noticed I actually have a proper logo now (top left), this was designed by one of the guys at Gecko Clothing, he spent quite a bit of time and we send quite a few emails back and forth but eventually we came up with it and I love it! It's so awesome having my own logo, I kind of feel all proper now!

Recently I tried moving my blog all over to Wordpress, but I have come to the conclusion I hate it (not my blog, Wordpress), I am not a techy person, I'm really not, I found the whole process quite stressful, so I've decided to just keep with Blogger for now, I also kept getting a lot of weird spam email from people from using Wordpress too which wasn't fun, so yes, I shall stick with trusty blogger for now.

Onto this week!
Edward over the weekend developed a cold and a cough, I sent him into school on Monday thinking 'awh, it's nothing serious' but come Monday evening after school he was a real mess, so he's had the week off school and as it's half term next Monday it means he's basically having a two week half term instead!
I am hoping he is better for next week as he was ill last half term so we didn't get to go out or do anything, I was hoping to make up for it this time round, I have so much for us all planned!
I have also now developed a cough (I figured I'd get it, just awaiting Eppy and Robert to get it now!), it's not fun, but I don't feel too much like death at the moment.

Speaking of death I went to a funeral on Wednesday, it was the funeral for my mother's best friend, her name was Rose, my mother decided against going to the funeral as she just couldn't hack it, so I ended up going by myself whilst Robert drove around with the kids for 30 mins as we couldn't really take them in.
Going to a funeral by myself and being surrounded by people I didn't know was hard. It was really hard. I was a complete mess, trying not to completely break down in front of everyone. I think I actually cried more at Rose's funeral than anyone else's I've been to. Rose adored my children and she looked out for my mother (well, they looked out for each other) so the loss was just awful. I'm still quite emotional about it.
I feel so sorry for my mother as she was the one who found Rose laying in her bed with her dog Charlie laying across her trying to keep her warm, I can't imagine finding my best friend like that, I don't think it will ever be an imagine my mother is ever likely to forget.

This week I booked our family holiday to Chessington Theme Park, we are going at the end of May (it was a gift from my mother to myself for my 25th birthday), I couldn't decide on whether I wanted to go glamping or stay in a hotel room, so I've booked our family one night of each!
The children have never been camping before so I am sure they will have lots of fun!
We have never been to Chessington before either so it will be a good experience for us all.
We get two nights and three days at the park, we get free breakfast too.
I just need to order us some lunch passes and save a bit of money towards dinners.
The main thing for me was having a hotel room so I could have a bath, I do love a bath and as our house only has a shower I miss out! So I must nip to Lush at some point and buy something lovely and smelly (if you have any recommendations for a Lush bath bomb let me know in the comments!), I bought myself some last year for when we went on holiday to Alton Towers, I had the golden dragon egg one and was covered in glitter for two days and it was so lovely! I also remember the time when Robert bought me one as a surprise gift and I ended up with love hearts stuck to my arse for a day too.

This Sunday we are off to Sherringham to watch the Viking reenactments, yes, we are spending Valentine's Day watching people hit each other with fake swords. No fancy dinners here or red roses haha.

I have discovered the world of tea drinking.
Don't laugh.
I was never a tea drinker before, I prefer coffee, but the way I have my coffee is about 7 syns (Slimming World) and I can't afford those syns per coffee, tea on the other hand is syn free, so I thought I would try it. Turns out I love it and I'm already addicted, though I have only recently tried the Aldi stuff, but it's really nice, I have one sweetener and a drop of milk.
When I first started last weekend it gave me such headaches, but now I'm more used to it and I like coming downstairs in the morning for my cuppa.

So that has been our week so far.
It's been quite nice typing this up, I have missed blogging and it's nice to get back into the 'zone'.
The break has been quite nice though really, but I am back, I am ready and I am looking forward to hearing from you all soon.

Best of Worst


  1. Great post....wishing you lots of fun watching the Viking re-enactment hehe!! Thanks so much for linking up, hope you'll stop by again #bestandworst


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