Bedsharing For The Better

So today I saw this article online, it is admittedly written by The Sun so we can't take half of what they come out with seriously, BUT this article is actually great really, it basically says YES to bedsharing.

There are so many parents out there too scared to share a bed with their child, who think that they will make a 'rod for their own back' by sharing and just in general fully disagree with it. I don't think it's wrong to not want to bedshare, if you've made that choice then it's fine, but what I do think is that you should make it after doing your own research about it, don't listen to all those scary stories about it, half the people who come out with stuff and tell you it's no good haven't even done it before.

All I can tell you is from personal experience bedsharing is fantastic, we have done it ever since Eppy was born (over 2 and a half years ago now), I can't imagine having to keep getting up and down, in and out of bed all night to go give a bottle or to breastfeed in a chair. Why would you put yourself through that? That just sounds exhausting!
With Eppy we just rolled over and I fed her, no getting out of my comfortable bed, no getting cold, no leaving her to cry for a few moments till I could actually wake up to get up which in turn would have made her more stressed and grumpy and probably wouldn't have gone back to sleep for ages! They say bottlefed babies should sleep on a separate surface instead of a bed but all I can say is from personal experience we had no problems. We didn't follow every rule under the roof with bedsharing, we just followed Eppy's lead and just went along with it, I'm far from saying you shouldn't follow the rules either, but I honestly found just following my child's needs was far easier.

One of the main things I love about bedsharing is that in the middle of the night I get these little hands stroking my back, I get to have a cuddle whenever, she enjoys having a cuddle in the night, I will admit that Robert is the one that usually gets asked for the cuddles from Eppy haha, but sometimes Eppy wants me and it's really sweet.

I will admit at times I do get a bit tired of bedsharing, there are times now that she's 2 and a half I want our bed back, but then I remember how much she just isn't ready to go into her own bed, we have one set up next to our bed for when she is ready and we have tried to move her into her own bed but she just says she doesn't want to and wants to sleep in our bed. But that's OK. We're not going to force her to leave, she needs to feel us close and it's fine, we are in no rush to move her.
Yes I do miss just being able to roll over and cuddle Robert in my sleep, but she's not going to be in our bed forever, so we are just following her and doing what's best for her.

There are times where you shouldn't really bedshare, like if you smoke, are over weight, have been drinking etc, that's just common sense though.

Some people say they are too scared to bedshare incase they roll over onto their babies, it's not really likely that you are going to do that, you kind of get this sense when they are in your bed and you just subconsciously know that they are there and you just don't roll onto them. I think if you are an extremely heavy sleeper it may be a bit different, but maybe if you as a mother are not but your partner is then you could always get your partner to sleep in another bed.

You can find lots more information online, check out what Dr. Sears says on it here.

Just do your own research, talk to other parents who have bedshared, study it and learn about it, ignore the scary stories and just go for it.