Whole or Half?

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now because the entire 'CUT GRAPES IN HALVE' topic has been annoying me for quite sometime.

I would just like to get it out in the open here; I DO NOT CUT MY CHILDREN'S GRAPES IN HALVE.There. I've said it.
I can hear the horrified gasps from you all now.
Do you want to know I don't cut the sodding things?

Grapes have been here on earth from as long as 6000 B.C, that's pretty much when the first grape vine was found.
Fast forward to now, the media has recently highlighted a lot of deaths involving children choking on whole grapes, which is very sad to hear about, it's got a lot of parents worrying and panicking now over them and some parents I know have even stopped giving them to their children all together.

Grapes can get lodged in a kids throat, yes, but so can many other things, also if your child swallows a half cut grape and it goes down a funny way they could also choke on that too, which to me makes the entire point of cutting grapes pointless.

My kids LOVE grapes. I will never stop them eating them, they go through over a punnet a week, they are always supervised whilst eating them (mainly because I'm usually in the room anyway), they are careful eaters (normally), I refuse to wrap my children up in cotton wool because of what has happened to other children.

Since grapes have been around so fecking long the amount of cases VS the amount of time grapes have been eating is tiny in comparison.

Children can die just from crossing the road, does that mean I should never let my kids go out?
Children can die from ANYTHING, choking, illness, falling down the stairs, swimming, ANYTHING.
Should I stop my children from living their lives to the full?

So I will never cut their grapes.
You will never convince me otherwise.
I am not putting their lives at danger.
I am being their mother and making my own parental decision.