Stop Fighting

Today has been just beyond exhausting.
I think the children woke up completely on the wrong side of the bed this morning, they have just done nothing but fight and scream at each other, I honestly thought that siblings were supposed to get on, when I fell pregnant with Eppy I imagined they would love each other and play nicely and just get on, yes I was completely naive about the whole thing, I think it's because I grew up always wanting a sibling and just always figured they all got on, but I was completely and utterly wrong.
Of course Edward and Eppy love each other but Christ, when they go at each other they really do go at it head first.
I think it's mostly the fact that neither of them are keen on sharing things, sharing isn't something that comes naturally to children, they don't really learn the meaning of sharing till they are about 7 I think, so they both have a few years to go, but I really do hope they learn a bit earlier than that because this fighting is just so draining.
A lot of the time I just leave them to sort themselves out, I step in if either of them get overly upset or they start hitting each other but usually if it's just the odd scream and shouting fest I leave them to it, I believe they need the independence to sort things like this out for themselves, I want them to learn for themselves they have made each other feel sad and I want them to learn to feel apologetic themselves.
Edward is a lot better at saying sorry and realising he's in the wrong than Eppy, Eppy has no interest in saying sorry at the moment, she's quite good at giving cuddles as a way of saying sorry but saying the actual word she just doesn't want to, she knows how to say it and that she needs to, but I think she just prefers giving cuddles, or maybe it's a stubborn thing and she just doesn't want to back down? Who knows, she's not even two yet. Her vocabulary for a one year is pretty amazing anyway, her communication is mind blowing, which I am so thankful for because it makes speaking to her so much easier.

On the plus side NewGenn were in the EDP today, only a small article but still, good exposure.

Last night was really good, Robert and I had the inlaws over and we went to the Norwich theatre and went to see Shrek live.
I had been wanting to see it ever since I saw it advertised in London, so when I heard it was coming to Norwich I instantly booked tickets.
We had front row seats, I was so thankful for them because we got to see right into the orchestra pit, it was just amazing looking into it and seeing the real people behind the show, I don't think live bands ever get enough credit, they are the music behind the entire musical, they deserve as much credit as the actors.
The show was amazing, it was really funny and completely worth the wait! The dragon was AMAZING!
I'm usually not very good with anyone dressed up in a costume, I get a little on edge, bad experience from primary school (sat in assembly once on fancy dress day, head teacher comes in dressed as the big bad wolf, I ran out crying in fear) but I did well! Didn't run out of the show crying haha!
I hope they do Shrek 2 live next, that would be amazing!

On Monday was my mothers birthday, so I treated her to a Nando's, it was her first ever one, she loved it! So hopefully we'll get to go there more often, makes a change from Toby's haha!
We also then went and did some shopping, bought the kids lots of new clothes from Primark, I actually was really pleased with Primark as they had longer shorts in for girls instead of the hot pants type and they were only £5 so complete bargain! I was about to buy Eppy boy ones (which I wouldn't have minded) but the girl ones I found were really cute and have a slight design on them so it makes them stand out a bit so I was chuffed to find them.

Tuesday we had the window cleaner round, I've booked him for every 6 weeks, he did a great job and only charged £8, I gave him £10 though, I'm not sure if you're supposed to tip your window cleaner or not? But he did the window sills as well, so figured I should.
I also baked a test run birthday for Eppy, I know I said I would get one made for her but I thought I would just try, the cake I baked tasted good but my decorating was shit, so shit my lovely friend Emma and her boyfriend made this meme phaha;

So if you see that floating around the internet you know who made it ;)

I honestly can't believe it's already Wednesday, tomorrow Edward has an induction day at his primary school, so Robert and I are excited to meet all the parents and the teachers there, it's going to be an afternoon of networking I imagine. I must remind them of Edward's new last name as I don't think I've let them know he's now Goffin Marshall instead of just Goffin.
I'll let you all know how we get on later in the week =]

Oh I also forgot to add we won a family ticket to the Big Summer Time festival in Hyde Park in London for next weekend! I am super excited to go! We won the family ticket thanks to MummyFever, so check out her blog =] so now Edward gets to see Mr. Tumble twice this year, it's weird thinking that I went from begging everywhere to try and get Edward to meet him to him being able to see him twice! Amazing.
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  1. haha your post started all crazily bad with all the fighting but the week seemed to be a good one! I love that cake meme and Nandos is one of my favourite places to eat. I'm glad you enjoyed the show as well. Thanks so much for linking up with #bestandworst and please pop back next time xxx

  2. The fighting drives you crackers doesn't it!Mine are the same.I honestly have never been to Nando's,I really should try it out one day x #bestand worst

  3. I too thought that siblings always got along, since I had none. I went ahead and had two babies two years apart and the fighting NEVER STOPS. I also don't intervene and let them handle it on their own. There are four little words that I cringe when I hear.. "I'M GOING TO TELL".. Um no, no you're not because Mommy doesn't care, work it out yourselves!
    -Tania @ #anythinggoes

  4. I have two brothers so was WELL aware that siblings fight but nothing could have prepared me for having to be piggy in the middle. Mine are 3years and 18 months and they have started already.
    Oh, and I love a good Nando's ;-)

  5. My sister and I used to fight like anything over nothing! Glad you had an okay week in the end, despite the bad start.

  6. Wow, I must say I loved your post. It felt a bit crazy at the beginning which is my life all over. I have a ten year old girl, an eight year old boy and a three year old boy and it's manic. It's mainly the ten and eight year old that fight and my daughter can be evil - nipping and squeezing slyly. The eight year old sticks up for himself and the three year old sides with him! Then the older two tease the younger one, but he just blames the girl as his brother can do no wrong - it's never ending is it? Sounds like you had a busy week and I love yoru cake! :)

  7. The fighting sounds mad! I hope they grow out of it for you. Sounds like you had a really good week. Shrek looks fab, I'd like to go see that. Congratulations on winning the competition. Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes :)

  8. My kids are fighting like that now! Looks like a full week :-)

  9. Wow what a busy week! I loved Shrek when we went to see in the West End, you must live pretty close to me, I'm in Suffolk about 40 mins away from Norwich. I tipped the car washing people today, not sure if that's the right thing to do either but I figured rounding it up was sensible. Thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst and hope to see you again next week :-)

    Helen X

  10. Back again from the #binkylinky have a good weekend!

  11. Great post started out tough but got better thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

  12. I have days like this! The kids wake up and right from the very off they're in a bad mood and it lasts all day. It can be so stressful. Glad your day improved though. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  13. I think some siblilngs naturally get along and others don't. I read in a psychology magazine recently that as long as you don't play favourites, chances are they'll get along grandly as adults! Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday!


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