Open Farm Day

On Sunday Robert and I took the kids to Somerleyton Hall as they had an open farm event on, open farm events are great because it really helps kids to lean about farms and how we should support them more and more for great local produce and to help our country out.

When we got there I had a text from Skydi letting me know she was there too, so we met up with them. The kids watched the tractors drive around and listened to the guy talk about them and the combine harvester and how they work etc, we got to get up close to the vehicles too, we could have sat in them but the lines were huge and it was boiling hot so we didn't wait for that.

We then went to pet the horses, they were very tired, don't think they enjoyed the heat much even though they were in a shaded part.

Edward and Rowan then went and sat on other tractors that were to the back of the field, Edward liked the blue one because it looked like Thomas the Tank Engine.
We then had a nice packed lunch and we wandered around some more.

Eventually we decided to try some raw cows milk, they gave us a shot glass of it first to try it and once we established we loved it we had milkshakes (or rawshakes, whatever you wanna call them!)
I had chocolate, Edward had strawberry and Robert had coffee.

Then we let Edward go on the bouncy castle, he did well until he had to get off, then he had a breakdown.

We saw lots of other babywearers there that day which was nice to see =]