Getting Fit With Fitbit

I do honestly think Fitbit should hire me the way I rave on about it lately.
I've joined a Fitbit challenge group on Facebook and I've got lots of people added as my friend on my Fitbit account to help inspire me to get all my steps in.

Lately in the evenings I've been going for walks to get my step count as high as I can by the end of the day! Yesterday I got 21,000 steps in! That even earnt me a new badge!
I even did some jogging yesterday and I also discovered some different parts of Bungay that I had not been down before, I bumped into some horses which was pretty awesome!

I forgot how much I really enjoy going for evening walks, it's been almost 6 years since I've been just for a walk by myself in the evening, nothing but my music for company. It's just pure bliss.
I find the walks also help with my constant headaches (probably because it keeps me off my laptop haha!), so I do hope to keep these walks up for as long as possible.

I have the Fitbit Charge, I didn't see much point in getting the heart rate one because I never really keep track of that and I don't understand really what all the different numbers mean.
I like the Charge because it can track my steps, miles, calories, food, sleep, flights of stairs etc, it does all I need it to do.

I love all the different challenges on it too which you can do with other Fitbit users.
I also love seeing how many steps Robert does too, he doesn't own a Fitbit but the app works with his Health app on his iPhone which is good enough really as long as his phone is in his pocket.

Do you have a Fitbit? Does it help motivate you?