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So I've been asked by a fellow babywearer to give a shout out on my blog about her and her husband's company Gecko Clothing, to help them get funding on Kickstarter to really give their company a big boost.
Their company is all about "Liberating little people one piece of ethical, ecofriendly, bright and colourful clothing at a time."

This is something I completely agree with, I am constantly tired of seeing so much pink frilly stuff in the shops in the girls section, I do find it a massive struggle to shop for Eppy and usually end up buying her stuff from the boys section. I do not understand why the fashion industry keeps doing this but hey ho.
So for me, this company is great, all their clothing is unisex, there is no gender stereotyping, all their designs are of things that boys and girls like, girls and boys are both allowed to love pirates and space and science.

At the moment the company need more funding to help them produce dungarees which are also suitable for cloth nappies (huge win in this house!) if they manage to raise the £13K needed they can then produce 1000 of the dungarees in sizes 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months and 2-3 years.

You don't need to give them hundreds of pounds, even just £1 will help them out, they only have till Wednesday the 24th June to come up with all the money, so not long is left!

They have quite a few perks for those who back them, so if you check out their Kickstarter page you can find out what there is, I have pledged £24 towards them (because I totally want a pair of the dungarees when they come out!!) so I have done my bit.


Their kickstarter page also gives a look on why, who, where and how of their company.
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  1. Sounds like a really good company. I hope they raise the money! Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

  2. Hi, Is my comment waiting moderation? It disappeared. #TwinklyTuesday

  3. Here it is again: I asked how you dropped the background behind the cute little boy. #TwinklyTuesday. Nice to meet you.

    1. Heya, no idea where it went! I don't moderate the comments my blog at the moment =]
      Erm, no idea either, they let me use the photo, but I can ask them for you if you would like? Or you can send them a tweet at @Gecko_Clothing

  4. Love this post and the ethos of this company. Will pop over to their kickstarter page to see how I can help. I hate the gender stereotyping we have in society now a days and when it comes to clothes I think it's even tougher for girls because you rarely find anything that isn't very "girly". Love the robot t-shirt the owner is wearing, S would love that! Thanks for linking up to #happyquacks

  5. So cute and such a good idea! Thanks for linking it up to the #bestandworst X

  6. Lovely idea!! I like unisex stuff too! PInk and frilly can be so annoying!! Thanks for linking up to #bestandworst and hope to see you again xx

  7. Ahhhh how gorgeous are these?! I adore dungarees and these are beautiful! Fingers crossed for their success. Thanks for sharing and thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


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