Fathers Day Gift Guide 2015

Fathers day.
In all honesty I don't know about you but I am tired of seeing the same old fathers day tat in the high street.
So here is my top picks for fathers day that I think would be much more fun and more appreciated than a "best dad" tshirt.

AeroPress Coffee Maker; £29.99

I bought this for Robert for one Christmas, he loves it, says it makes the best coffee ever.
Men need coffee to get through the day just as much as us women. This can be found on Firebox.

Cloud Storage; £14.99

Is he an Apple geek? Robert is, I actually dread him reading this post as he's probably going to say how cool this storage box is and possibly ask for one, I actually think this is adorable.
You can buy it from Totally Funky.

Bomb Mug; £7.95Grenade Mug
Nothing says 'you're the bomb dad' more than this bomb mug! Well, grenade, whatever. We all love a mug, might as well make it a pretty awesome one!
You can find this on Pressy Box.

Decent Chocolate; £24.95Fathers day 2015
This is my favourite chocolate website, you can buy really decent high quality chocolate from here, this is the fathers day gift box. Men love chocolate too!
You can find this on Cocoa Runners.

Cake; From £22

Yes! You can buy cake online! Excuse me whilst I go mop up my drool.
You can find this on Fiona Cairns.

Gremlin T Shirt; £24Guys

I think every man needs to own this tshirt. I actually want it for myself.
You can find this on Drop Dead.

So I hope you have liked some of my top picks.
What do you plan on getting for your dad or your kids dad? Do let me know!
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  1. There's some great ideas here. I love the coffee maker K x #twinklytuesdays

  2. awesome gift ideas! love that Gremlins Tee and the aeropress !

    found you at #twinklytuesday ♥

    stop by and chat with me! http://storybookapothecary.com

  3. I am IN LOVE with the cloud storage. I work in IT, so it would make me the talk of the office. Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

  4. Great ideas here - think my hubby would love the AeroPress and the chocolate. Thank you for sharing and linking up with #FathersDay2015

  5. My husband loves his AeroPress. I think I need the "cloud" for my desk. Lots of unique and fun ideas. Thank you for linking up to #FathersDay2015.

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