Common Walks

So this week has been great in general, really enjoyed it.
On Monday after Eppy and I had dropped Edward off at preschool we went for a 5 mile walk around the Common. It's a lovely walk in Bungay, gets my steps in with my Fitbit and it's just so beautiful, it follows the river round and there's so much wildlife to enjoy, lots of butterflies, dragonflies and so much more! It also goes right around the golf course too, so I guess if I ever got too tired to continue the walk I could blag a lift back on a golf buggy?
Eppy walked half the way round it and then I wore her for the rest of it, the sun the shining, gosh, it was just wonderful.

When I picked Edward up he handed me a certificate he had received from learning all about road safety, they had two big bear mascots in to also help teach them I think they were funded by the council.

On Tuesday this crazy child woke my by screaming 'TOAST' in my face;

My mother came over for a bit, we went to Lowestoft and I picked up my new glasses and then we all grabbed a Subway for lunch.
That evening Robert and I watched him on the news which you can read about in my other post here.
It was really weird seeing him on the telly, but amazing at the same time.

On Wednesday I put blue hair dye on my hair, did it turn my hair blue? No. Hands? Yeah.
But atleast my hair looks darker which I suppose is a slight win.
Mum came over again and we went to Toby's for lunch and then we went to Tesco to pick up a couple of things, nothing exciting.

Thursday and Friday were just an average days, Eppy spent most of Friday dressed as a pirate and 'ARRING' at people as we walk past them in town.

Today we spent it round Skydi's, the kids went wild whilst us adults played a card game called Magic, it's a bit like Pokemon and then we all had Chinese for tea.

So yeah, not an exciting week but enjoyable.
I noticed one of my ex's girlfriend or fiance whatever she wants to call herself has joined a blogger group I am part of, she's not a blogger, I doubt she can even spell blogger, I imagine she's only joined to try and spy on me or whatever, obviously can't be bothered to do anything else with her life apart from spy on mine, not that there's much to spy on o.O obviously just nosey!

Anyway, yes, that was my week.
I also bought a few albums which were;

Avril Lavigne - Avril Lavigne
Goo Goo Dolls - Magnetic
Fall Out Boy - American Psycho
Kelly Clarkson - Piece by Piece
Meghan Trainor - Title

Kelly Clarkson's new album is alright, not as amazing as I had hoped it would be.
But my favourite song on it is actually the title of the album, my favourite part of that song is;

"Piece by piece I fell far from the tree
I will never leave her like you left me
And she will never have to wonder her worth
Because unlike you I’m going to put her first
And you know, he’ll never walk away,
He’ll never break her heart
He’ll take care of things, he’ll love her
Piece by piece, he restored my faith
That a man can be kind and a father should be great."

To me this song already has a place in my heart, it reminds me of Robert and how he will never leave our children, Edward may not biologically be his but he has his last name now and he will always be family to him and the whole of his family and that is what makes a family, love, respect, you don't ever give up on them, if you love someone you are there and he is and he's not going anywhere, blood doesn't make a family. I know that if god forbid we ever did split he would fight for both of our children not just Eppy which to me is beautiful.

I never say it enough but I love our family, it's perfect to me.

Piece by piece I fell far from the tree
I would never leave her like you left me
She will never have to wonder her worth
Because unlike you I'm gonna put her first
He'll never walk away
He'll never break her heart
He'll take care of things
He'll love her
Piece by piece
He restored my faith
That a man can be kind
And a father should be great