We Voted.

So today is the big day!
We have already been and voted this morning, I decided to vote Labour all the way, local and general and as we got two votes for general I voted both Labour.

Why did I vote Labour?
  • They will end the bedroom tax - This affected me in the past (not anymore as I moved into Roberts) but I remember the massive struggle I went through, so I know how tough it's been, so it needs to end.
  • They will save the NHS - It's in a huge mess at the moment, Labour will invest a lot of money into making it more secure, they will get cancer results back faster, train 20,000 more nurses, 8000 more nurses and recruit more midwives.
  • They will restore the roles of Sure Start Centers.
  • Cap class sizes.
  • They will cut tuition fees.
  • They will end the badger cull.
  • Improve the protection of dogs and cats.
  • They will extend the free childcare from 15 hours to 25 hours a week.
  • One on one midwife so no pregnant woman in labour is left alone.
  • Extend maternity leave and double the pay.
There is so much more they will hopefully do if they get into power.
You can read their manifesto here.

So that is why we are voting Labour.

I obviously don't mind who everyone votes for (apart from UKIP or Conservatives =P) as long as you go and vote. Even if you don't want to vote at least go and spoil your paper, as that still makes a difference and is more of a middle finger up at the government than doing nothing.

Don't listen to anyone who tells you who to vote for, you need to vote for who YOU want to vote for.