Things I Recommend For New Parents

I'm pretty sure on every parent blog you are going to find their 'top 10 items for new parents', a lot of them have a lot of pointless crap on them to be quite honest.
I am here to tell you you don't need all that stuff, you really don't.
So, save yourself a fortune and read my list and take from it what you will.

1; Clothes for baby
Sure, you're going to need to dress your baby, but you know what, don't bother wasting loads of money on super cute outfits which will only last two months, just stick with the sleepsuits and bodygrows, a couple of pairs of socks, hat depending on the season, few bibs and a cardigan. Don't over do it on the clothes, I know it's hard not to as there are lots of pretty things out there but restrain yourself! Have some self control!

2; Cloth nappies
Just got the one kid in nappies? Buy 20 cloth nappies and you won't need to buy anymore ever. Unless you get addicted to buying them which does happen, but still. 20 Is all you need, why bother wasting time buying thousands of disposables? Also get a wet bag or bucket to store the dirty nappies in. Buy the nappies preloved too if you want to save even more money! You only need to wash the nappies once a week, it's not going to kill your wash load!

3; Bed
Where is your baby going to sleep? Probably in your arms for most of it's first few months, but for when you need to put baby down buy a moses basket and a couple of blankets. We used a moses basket for downstairs when our baby wanted to sleep and we had stuff to do, but at night time she slept in our bed. I know it sounds scary, but providing you follow all the guidelines to safe cosleeping/bedsharing you'll all be just fine! Saves you loads of money from buying a crib/cot too and it saves space!

4; Sling
Buy a decent sling, most babies go into stretchy wraps to start with and then as they get a bit bigger parents then usually swap to a woven wrap or a carrier. Please do avoid the high-street carriers though as they do not follow the TICKS. Link(s) to decent ones will be at the bottom of this blog post.

5; Bath
You can buy baby baths uber cheap now a days or you could save more cash by just using the kitchen sink. What I am about to tell you may shock you; don't bother with baby bath bubble crap. Seriously. Don't. It ruins the babies skin (no matter how sensitive it says it is on the bottle), some says it's what causes eczema early on in babies and it's just better for babies to be bathed in just warm water. It doesn't matter how much lavender sleepy bubble bath you put in their water, it ain't going to make them sleep any longer. So save yourself some cash and just avoid all bath products apart from the bath its self.


That is my list.
Nice and short and simple.
I would also suggest buying yourself a decent coffee machine, Netflix and some good books because if you are breastfeeding you are going to need stuff to help you pass the time whilst you're stuck on the sofa or in bed with your bundle of joy attached to your tit or asleep in your arms, because let's face it, as beautiful as our babies are, they are bloody boring to watch whilst they sleep, so keep your laptop and books in close reach!


Links for stuff!

Clothing; George, Frugi, H&M Kids, F&F, Babipur - These are just some of my favourite places, but you can search on Facebook for your local selling pages to buy second hand stuff and obviously there is eBAY.

Nappies; Totsbots, Plush Pants, The Nappy Lady, Fill Your Pants - Great websites to buy cloth nappies from and of course again, you can search for groups on Facebook to buy them preloved and on eBAY. Feel free to read my blog post here about switching to cloth nappies.

Moses Basket; Mothercare - We bought ours from here along with the blankets etc. You can get them from most supermarkets online now.

Bed Sharing Guidelines; Please read up on the guidelines before you start bedsharing, I know most of the guidelines are obvious but please just read them and make yourself properly aware of everything before you start. It's a wonderful thing to do when you do it properly. You can read them here.

Slings; Boba, Victoria Sling Lady, - These are two great stretchy wrap makes to start with, there are lots more out there if you just Google them.

Bath; Boots - We got ours from here, it was just under £10.

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  1. Definitely agree with the point about not buying too many clothes. I hated putting my baby in them once she was born (why would anyone think it's a good idea to put buttons on the back of a newborn outfit?) and much preferred sleep suits. My sling was a lifesaver as my baby hated napping in the Moses basket and pram, I wish I'd bought it before she was born so I could have used it earlier than I did. Great post! #sundaystars

  2. Great list there and all the essentials. I never even knew anything about cloth nappies until I started blogging. My little boy is two now. It's something I am going to consider with my next child as you make a very valid point about cost. #MummyMonday

  3. Oh I wish I had read this when I was pregnant!! I have 4 huge bags full of clothes that Bean has grown out of and it's breaking my heart to even think about giving them away!! Xx #MummyMonday

  4. Agree on the cot point, we never use ours until they were at least 6 months old thanks for linking up to #sundaystars

  5. Brilliant list and completely agree! We go overboard on clothes and it isn't necessary. Mim x #mummymonday

  6. Great list. I agree some of the 'baby must haves ' lists go on forever. My SIL has started to use a sling. She loves it and so does baby x Thanks so much for linking up with #ToddlersAndTeens at Mummy 2 Monkeys xx


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