The Chris & Pui Show

I had been looking forward to going to see the Chris & Pui show for some time now, mainly because I knew Edward would go mental and be stupidly happy and also because I had grown up watching Chris Jarvis on the telly since I was a little girl, I used to love him in shows like; Playdays & Jungle Run. He really helped make my childhood.
I am so glad that Edward gets to grow up and experience him just the same on Cbeebies, doing the program Show Me Show Me!
Edward loves Show Me Show Me (when he's not watching Frozen), I think that and Mr. Tumble are his two favourite shows on Cbeebies, well those two are the two shows he gets most excited over when they come on anyway, so I knew I had to buy us tickets to the show when I heard it was going to be in Norwich.
I got us front row center seats (I only like sitting at the front because if I'm anywhere else I'm usually stuck behind someone very tall and I can't see anything), there were a few showings yesterday but I picked the 2pm one as it meant we could get to Norwich in good time and have a spot of lunch.

When we got to the theatre I had a quick chat with the reception lady and mentioned back in January I was told to speak to the deputy manager to see if Edward could meet Chris & Pui, the lady on reception said that Chris & Pui will be coming out anyway after the show to meet everyone anyway so that was awesome to hear!
I grabbed Edward a cushion for him to have a boost on his seat with and we made our way (after purchasing chocolate!) to our seats.

Finally the show began.
There was a lot of adult jokes in the set (nothing the kids would notice) which made the whole show bearable really because obviously this is a show for 6 years and younger so we needed something to keep us entertained too.
There were lots of songs that all the children knew and could sing along with.
Stuffy, Miss Mouse, Momo, Tom & Teddington were also in show, the kids in the audience went mental when they saw the toys, because obviously they help make Show Me Show Me what it is. Chris & Pui dressed up as all their famous characters such as; Old McDonald, Little Bo Peep, Humpty Dumpty and lots more, Pui had a bit of skirt malfunction whilst dressed as an ostrich (it was hilarious).

Overall the show was pretty good, Edward really enjoyed himself, I loved it too, mainly because his face was filled with joy and excitement the whole time and it was just beautiful to see (it actually made me shed a tear haha!)

After the show we waited in the line to meet Chris & Pui, when it was our turn they signed a promo card for us and they gave Edward a quick hug and let me take a photo of them with him and then I had a quick selfie with Chris as I thought I'd sneak that in there haha! They were really lovely and we didn't feel rushed when we saw them either which was really nice!

We had a lovely day out and I recommend taking your little ones to the show if they love Chris & Pui as much as we do!

Here are their upcoming tour dates;


29  Hereford     The Courtyard          11am & 2pm       01432 340 555
30  Hereford 
    The Courtyard          11am & 2pm       01432 340 555
                                                                                  or CLICK HERE

06  Corby    The Core at Corby Cube     11am & 2pm      01536 470470
                                                                                   or CLICK HERE

29  Bournemouth     Pavilion Theatre   11am & 2pm    0844 576 3000
                                                                                  or CLICK HERE

13  Fareham          Ferneham Hall              2pm            01329 231 942
20  Tamworth
      Assembly Rooms     11am & 2pm       01827 709 618
                                                                                   or CLICK HERE

04  Loughborough      Town Hall          11am & 2pm       01509 231 914
                                                                                     or CLICK HERE
10  Lincoln    Lincoln Performing Arts    11am & 2pm       01522 837 600
                                                                                    or CLICK HERE
24  Billingham       Forum Theatre        11am & 2pm       01642 552 663
                                                                                     or CLICK HERE         
25  South Shields    Customs House     11am & 2pm       0191 454 1234
                                                                                     or CLICK HERE
26  Stevenage     Gordon Craig Theatre  11am & 2pm      01438 363200
                                                                                     or CLICK HERE
27  Ilfracombe       Landmark Theatre     11am & 2pm     01271 324242
                                                                                     or CLICK HERE
29  Newtown         Theatre Hafren         11am & 2pm      01686 614 555 or CLICK HERE                                                                                    

Sadly we couldn't take photos of the actual show due to copyright but here are a couple of other ones throughout our day and when we met them;

(This photo was taken from their selfie stick haha!)


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