Rain & Ice Cream

Wow this week has been fun and exhausting.

Tuesday mother came over, we fancied a change in venue for lunch and went to Wetherspoons in Beccles, I had a burger, chips and onion rings, the kids had sausages and chips and mum had fish and chips. The food was fine, standard, my issue there was the staff, I ended up having to clear away the empty glasses off our table left by the previous people whilst the staff stood there chatting to each other, awh gee, thanks for that.
After lunch we walked to Shoe Zone and bought Eppy some slippers as mother had bought Edward some bus ones and Eppy got jealous. She picked some digger ones, she looks so cute in them.
Edward enjoyed judo in the afternoon, I just wish he payed more attention to his Master, but I am sure he will get there eventually, I keep meaning to make a play date between him and a boy called Jack who goes there as they seem to get on really well, must talk to his dad next week.
Eppy was crazy cuddly (has been all week), it's been nice but also *I NEED TO BREATH* crazy.

Wednesday I set up my own competition on here, it's my first one, you can find it here and enter =] you get a chance to win the book Kids Don't Come With A Manual.
It was raining all day so I let Edward have the day off and we set up his tent in the living room and him and Eppy played in that for ages.
Eppy's potty arrived too, we got it out in the evening and she really didn't like it, infact, she seemed scared of it, so we put it away. I think I need to just leave it out in the living room and let her play with it until she's comfortable enough to have a sit on it. We're not expecting her to potty train right away, but she's always interested in our toilet and Edward's potty so we thought it might be a good idea for her to have her own.

Thursday Edward's preschool was shut because it was polling day!
I went to vote early morning and then in the afternoon we got on the bus to Beccles. We had been invited to a home education group meet up at the Beccles Museum, we had a really good time, after the museum we all walked down the Quay and got ice cream, just a shame the rain decided to follow. It was awful, the kids and I got soaked walking back to the bus station, it was a 40 something minuet wait for the bus so we ran to Tesco, I bought them some chocolate and myself some hot chocolate and we then walked back to the bus stop and stayed a bit dry under the roof bit of the bus stop.
Eventually the bus came and we got home. We all got dry and then at 7pm the inlaws turned up to babysit the kids whilst Robert and I went to the chocolate club. We had a good time there and I hope I can do some bit of networking at some chocolate events that I hope to go to soon!

Friday I cried, Conservatives won. I am terrified of what will happen to our country. Only time will tell.

Today we've not done much, popped round the inlaws for a bit and then had take out this evening.
I have applied for a Certificate of Higher Education in Psychology through the Open University, I am hoping I can get funding for it and that I can start in October this year.

So yeah, that's been our week. I've had headaches pretty much all week, I think it's due to lack of fluids and probably a bit of stress.
Got a fair bit planned for next week so I am looking forward to it!