I Am Just A Mum

A lot of people hate the phrase 'just a mum', I honestly don't know why.

I am just a mum. I am nothing special, I am not the best the mum in the world, nobody is.
Hundreds and thousands of women become mothers, yes the nights are long and days are tiring, yes we are raising sprogs to one day potentially do something incredible with their lives but at the end of the day we are just mums, we are just humans trying to keep tiny humans alive longer than our old goldfish.

I don't run our house, my partner and I BOTH do. He works full time, he helps to make people's lives better by curing their eczema and then he comes home and takes on the role of dad.
I think he is more of a super human than I am.

Yeah I am doing a great job at making sure the children are alive at the end of the day but to be honest it's not that hard is it? Sure, when they tantrum, throw food around, scream, lash out etc that makes it all slightly harder (ok, alot) but it still doesn't make me a super mum for getting through the day.

No mother is the best in the world, who are we to judge who is the best mother or father for that matter? We are just parents.
We all parent differently from each other but at the end of the day our main goal is to love and keep our kids alive and make sure they have the best life they can have possible. I don't think it makes us super, I just think it makes us human.

So please stop calling myself and others super mums, because we are not, we are just mothers doing our job.


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  1. Fab post - and so true. You stay home and look after your kids while I go to work and earn some money to be able to keep a roof over my boys head and food on the table. Both of us are doing exactly what we need to do to keep our children going - I'm not a supermum because I drive all over the place dropping and picking Zach up, whizzing to work, and still getting up in the night when he's calling me. You are not supermum because you manage to keep a tidy home while entertaining your children and making it through a load of tantrums. We are simply just mums, doing what we can to keep everything ticking over. I think a lot of people can take some value from this post. Thanks so much for linking up to #TwinklyTuesday

  2. HERE HERE!!!!!!!
    Mums work bloody hard as do the Dad's and we should never see ourselves as 'Just a Mum@ as we are best friends, cooks, nurses, cleaners, bankers, accountants, personal shoppers, cuddle givers...the list is endless :)



  3. I love this post. Just a mum is a bit of a funny one though, as I am just a mum to M, but I'm a just a wife to hubby too! We aren't super human we just do what we have to do! :-) #bigfatlinky xx

  4. It's true! Sometimes people do get offended by the "just a mum" phrase but in reality we are! It's hard work and exhausting but we just do it! Sometimes we are super and other times "just a Mum!!" xxx #bigfatlinky

  5. What a lovely photo. I know my wife would agree with this post. Thanks for sharing it and linking yup to #bigfatlinky


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