His Poo Is Stuck!

As you can tell by the title of this post yesterday was not a fun day, well the afternoon wasn't anyway!

First thing in the morning the kids and I got our shoes on and took a walk to the park, I'm part of some challenges on the FitBit app at the moment so I get rather competitive, so I wanted to make sure I completed the 10K step challenge! So what better way to complete it by going for an uber long walk first thing in the morning with the children? =]

When we got to the park the kids got all excited, they went on the swing and slide etc, they really enjoyed having a good run around for an hour and I had a wonderful time watching them enjoy themselves so much!

Once we had finished at the park we then went for a long walk around the Waveney River, I love going for a walk along the field right next to the river, it's just so beautiful and peaceful! I hope Robert can take the kids fishing there when they are a little older, I imagine they will love it!

Whilst out I had a message from my friend Lynn who said she'd be over at 11:30, so we walked home eventually and I had a quick tidy up whilst waiting for Lynn.

When she arrived we sat in the kitchen and had a meeting about the next few months, she wants me to become an admin on the Le Club De Cacao Facebook page, she wants me to blog and review different chocolates by different people for the page too (I have no issues with wanting to eat more chocolate =P) and we also talked about how I will be helping with the summer chocolate festival Lynn has organized in Norwich which will take place in September. I will be helping with the press stuff, telling other volunteers where to go and what to do and showing around people who come along.
Robert will also be helping out, he will be supplying the hand wash and doing all the health and safety for the venue.

Our meeting went well and I am looking forward to all the exciting things that shall be going on soon!

The rest of the afternoon was hell though.

Edward went to the bathroom for a poop, usually I leave him to it until he asks me for a wipe, but I heard a scream and a cry come from the bathroom so I ran in and he told me his poop was stuck, so I bent home over and attempted to pull it out *gag* but I couldn't, I phoned my mother up and asked her what I should do, she said to phone the GP and ask for someone to come out, so I phoned them up, sadly we had to wait an hour before anyone would call us back.
I ended up spending ages trying to get Edward to do things that would help him poop, I got him to rock back and forth, blow bubbles, take deep breaths, drink, eat, but nothing was working. Then I had a call from the GP and by the time I got off the phone with her and we agreed she needed to come out and I had got off the phone to her, Edward yelled "I did it!"
But I was so happy he managed to poop by himself, god knows what the GP would have done 0_0

So yeah, that was quite a traumatic experience all round I think!

In the evening I went to HIIT, that was good, had a hard work out but was obviously worth it!

When I finally got to bed I checked my FitBit and I managed over 14K steps!

I should add that yesterday Eppy learnt to climb up the kitchen chairs and sit at the table, where has our baby gone?!

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  1. I saw the title and had to read! Your day sounded idyllic up to that moment!

  2. Oh bless him. It must have been a bit scary for you both. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  3. Your day sounded lovely till that moment must of been very frightening thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

  4. What beautiful photos.
    But oh my god. I did not even know that could happened. Scary! #binkylinky
    Sabrina xx


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