Garden, Black and Suspense.

I have been lacking on my blog this week! It's been hard to keep on top of it with everything going on at the moment!
Today is Saturday! Which means birthday celebrations are starting today! Robert still has no idea what's going on, his birthday still isn't till Monday but we've got a lot to do before then!
I still can't type what we're doing this weekend as he may read it, but I will let you all know probably Tuesday so do bare with me!

So what have we been up to this week?

Well! We've spent most of it in the garden really, the kids are currently obsessed with running around outside and playing with all their outdoor toys so they've been enjoying the sunshine which is nice, I have a lovely new garden chair my mother bought me for my birthday so it's been nice for me to lounge around and watch them run around whilst I read etc.

Sadly this week I didn't win the 100K from the Heart radio competition, so Skydi, the kids and I had pizza to make up for the fact we won't be going away abroad any time soon!
As you can gather we went to Skydi's on Tuesday, I needed to be in a town with good mobile signal just incase Heart did call me with some lovely news, I learnt that Holland people are Dutch and not called "Hollandaise people", Skydi and I were crying with laughter for ages, how was I supposed to know? I thought the sauce was named after them!
Edward went to Judo Tuesday afternoon, he's really loving it at the moment and he's slowly making process with listening to his Master, usually he runs around as he's not very good at waiting for his turn but he did well this week.

Actually, to be honest, his behavior the past two weeks has gotten so much better, we've barely even done the sticker book thing either, he's just suddenly gone back to how he always was and just a good little boy, obviously he does still have a few moments here and there where he tries to test me, but he goes to bed much better now and he's been sharing far better with his sister lately too, so it's made parenting and being around him much nicer now, I don't dread getting up in the morning as much as I have been lately.

So one present I had gotten for Robert for his birthday was Edward's new last name, Robert and I had spoken before about having his last name changed to match Eppy's, so I figured this would be the perfect time to do it, so by deedpoll we have had his name changed to Edward Arthur Victor Goffin Marshall! I told Robert before the paperwork came through the post because I wasn't sure it would arrive in time (but it ended up arriving the day after I told him! Typical!) he was really happy I think, just need to work on my last name now ;)

There's a Moomin's movie coming out next Friday! The voices are weird and it seems very different to how the TV show is, but I hope to take Edward to the cinema next weekend to see it!

Done a lot of walking this week, including my HIIT class, my thighs are still hurting, got to see some lovely views walking around Bungay and walking to Earsham daily, helps when the weather is so beautiful too!

Thursday I had my hair done, I had it dyed black, it was going to be blue and black but the hair dresser couldn't use the blue I had bought because she wasn't insured to =[, but it looks nice black and I had my fringe cut and made more thicker so it looks a lot better now!

On Friday Robert and I dropped Edward off at preschool (Robert had the day off work) and we drove Eppy to Norwich, Robert had an appointment at the Apple store to try on the watches so I left him in the Apple store and I wandered around picking up last minuet birthday presents for him.
I did buy him an early birthday present to celebrate his long weekend, I bought him a Hotel Chocolat beer (I also bought myself a small slab of cookie crumble chocolate!), I gave him the beer in the evening which he enjoyed.
In Norwich we popped into the Disney store for a look around, I guess I'll be buying Frozen stuff this Christmas now the kids are obsessed with it.
I don't think Eppy likes Star Wars as she decided to knock a glass on the floor which smashed into thousands of pieces, thankfully we didn't have to pay for it, they understood haha.

This morning I have already been with Sadie to pick up his birthday cake and cupcakes, they look amazing, I just want to eat them and show them to Robert now! I hope they taste as good as they look!

We're off to the inlaws this afternoon to watch the football (Norwich VS Ipswich), though grandma and great grandma won't be there as they will be watching the match live, but grandad, Sadie and Matt will be there =]
Obviously other stuff is going on today but I have to keep quiet ;)

My mother also bought us over the bus Connecta she bought for Eppy earlier this week, she was going to wait till Eppy's birthday but decided we could have it early! It's so lush!