Fathers Being Fathers

I keep seeing lots of posts lately about how men deserve much more credit than women when raising their children, I'm currently sat here trying to work out why.

Why should a man get more credit for being a father than a woman a mother? Surely we are all equal parents? Why do men deserve more credit for bringing up their OWN child? How is that even fair? How does it even make any sense?

I don't know about your families, but in our house everything we do is equal.
Robert works all day so he doesn't get to see the children as much as I do, but when he gets home he doesn't 'play' dad, he is dad, he gets stuck in with nappy changes, cleans the kitchen, when it's his turn to put Edward to bed he does it, he always empties Edward's potty, he washes up, he gives all the cuddles the children desire.
Sure, I do more cleaning than him during the day and I do a bit more with the kids during the day, but he's at work so there really isn't much we can do about that, but he doesn't do anything more or less, infact, he's at work to earn money for our family, so really in reality he's still doing things for our family.

He doesn't 'babysit' our children if I go out to see friends, he just looks after his children, why do people say that fathers 'babysit' the kids, I'm sorry, last time I checked I have never had to pay Robert to look after his own children?

Obviously I believe single fathers raising children on their own deserve extra credit, but that goes to single mothers too because they all have to put even more effort into looking after their children.

I wish one day we could just stop with all this 'aww look at that dad, isn't he just amazing!' because as much as he is, so is his wife/partner because they are completely equal.


  1. Oh I definitely agree with you on this one. Parenting is hard work whichever parent is doing it! Thanks for linking up #FathersDay2015

  2. My father always worked hard at the "office" and by keeping the house, garden and cars clean but I think so much more is expected of my husband's generation. He goes to work but then is expected to walk into the door and be an equal when it comes to interacting with our children and household work. My father always had his "relaxation" time between coming home from work and dinner. We children were welcome to come and sit next to him and watch tv but did not asked him to play with us. These days our children meet him at the door to play and he rarely gets to sit down. There is definitely moments that he a lot better parent than I am. Thank you for sharing! #FathersDay2015


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