Do You Have A Favourite Child?

Do you?
I do.

I love both my children and I treat them completely the same, they are both wild nutters who love to push my buttons but I do have a favourite child and I'm not afraid to say it.

Although I have a favourite it changes daily, one day Edward could just be an utter nightmare so instantly I think 'Christ, Eppy, thanks for being amazing today!' or Eppy could be the nightmare and I end up thinking the same about Edward as I did Eppy.

I can't be the only one to have a favourite child daily can I?
I may be one of the rare few who may admit it, not to them though, I wouldn't want to actually tell them so young that they were my favourite and make the other one feel upset or hurt, maybe then they are older and could possibly understand where I'm coming from or when they are all grown up and moved out I could say 'did you know some days I loved your brother/sister more?' and explain my reasons.

Today my favourite child was Eppy, she just wanted cuddles all day, Edward was whinging and screaming and getting grumpy over the smallest of things (huge to him but tiny to myself, like he didn't get a breadstick with his lunch even though he had one earlier for a snack) and although I comforted him as much as I could each time he had a melt down today it just wasn't enough for him, so he kept screaming and shouting.
Luckily Eppy just gave me cuddles and just was quiet today (apart from when she was singing along to Frozen) so that made our day just a tad easier.

Do you have a favourite child?
Can you admit to it?