Birthday, Flying, Hotel & Food.

I am so knackered, I feel so ill from all the food we have eaten this weekend, thank the lord Edward isn't at preschool today, I don't think I would have made the bus in time today I'm just so tired!

So I bet you are all wondering what on earth did we do for Robert's huge 30th birthday!
Well I can finally tell you all!
Saturday afternoon after the Norwich VS Ipswich football game on the telly I told Robert to get his shoes on as we were going out, I told him to say goodbye to the children and then we piled into Sadie's car and she drove us to Dunston Hall in Norwich.
I had booked us a night away in a fancy room, just the two of us, our first night away from the children in almost two years and this was only just the first surprise.

We checked in at 3 and went to our room, it was beautiful, we even had two doors that opened up to a little patio bit outside so we could sit at a small table if we wanted.

Our room was fairly fancy, we had Sky TV and a safe! Lol! And a Starbucks coffee machine!
I unpacked the food I had brought along too (sweets, biscuits, chocolate etc) and we had a snack.
I think Robert was very pleased with his surprised judging by the look on his face here;

Our bed was massive! It was like two doubles put together! And it was super comfy!

We decided to grab our swim wear and go to the pool bit for a little while to pass time till dinner.
We had a nice time bobbing around in the pool (even though there were a few kids in there), sitting in the jacuzzi and Robert really enjoyed the steam and sauna rooms too (I hate them so I left him to it), we then went back to our room and watched a bit of telly and got changed ready for dinner.

For dinner we had the same - massive burgers! I mean, they were HUGE. We thought we'd just get some small posh ones for the price they were, but no! They were massive, it took us a while to finish them, I had chips and onion rings with them too, the chips were nice, onion rings didn't blow my mind.

After dinner (we skipped dessert as we had loads of stuff in our room) we went for a walk around the grounds, there was a massive golf course there, I wanted to take one of the golf buggies and drive around but Robert wouldn't let me =P
After our walk we went back to our room, I watched some Britain's Got Talent and then had a bath, after my bath I got changed into some nice new, erm, underwear and then Robert and I, well, did what most couples go away to fancy hotels do...

In the morning we still woke up early, to be honest I think my body clock likes 7am, so we got up, dressed, cleaned and went for our breakfast.
Though before breakfast and whilst we were still in bed I gave Robert the choice of finding out what he was going to do later in the day, he choose to so I gave him a little gift box with the information in it.
I had booked him a flight experience! He was going to fly a plane!
His little face when I he saw, haha! I knew he'd wanted to fly a plane since he was little as he wanted to be a pilot but was too old really by the time he decided, so I figured I could at least make a small dream of his come true for his 30th! It was the least I could do for all he puts up with ha!

Breakfast was lovely, I had the usual fry up stuff and then I had a croissant, lots of lovely orange juice to drink too. Robert had the same and a big pot of coffee.

We then went back to our room and packed up our things, Robert had a shower whilst I watched Nick Toons on Sky. We then checked out and waited for Sadie to pick us up and drive us to the flight experience place near the Norwich airport, the inlaws and children met us there too.

When we got there Robert and I and the kids all went into a small white room when the flying instructor finished with his last person, the instructor turned to me and said "do you want to come up too?" I was like "Oh my god! Really?! I thought I had only paid for Robert!" and he said "Yeah, but it's up to me, there's room for one more person too!" So I ran back to the cars where the inlaws, Sadie and great grandma were having lunch and left the kids with them and great grandma joined me and came back to the white room, we signed a bit of paper (just contact details etc for insurance) and the instructor told Robert all about the controls of the plane etc.

We then went to reception and put on our hi vis jackets and grabbed our headphones with microphones attached and we got driven around to where the plane was.

The flying instructor had to get someone to refuel the plane and then we finally got in, it was a bit weird getting into the plane as we had to stand on the wing, I was completely terrified but I thought I had better do this as I had no idea when I would ever get the chance again!

Robert then got into the plane, he looked so excited bless him!

And then the instructor got it, he did the usual checks that needed to be done and then we took off!
I screamed only a little! I also didn't throw up thank god, I was so close but I held it back!
I really don't do flying or heights.

The instructor showed Robert what to do and then Robert took over and we flew to Bungay and saw our house and a few other places and then Robert flew us back to Norwich! He did very well, it's not every day a woman can say their boyfriend flew them in a plane!
Robert really enjoyed his flight experience, he'd never even been in a plane before so it was wonderful to share his first time with him!
Pretty sure great grandma enjoyed her time too!

Once we were safe back on the ground we drove back to the inlaws as they had taken the kids to ASDA to pick up food for dinner.
We had pizza and chocolate ice cream and yogurts for dinner and dessert.

On Monday which was Robert's actual birthday I woke him up at 8am and made him come downstairs to open his presents =]
I think he liked all his gifts from the children and I, lots of chocolate, space food, DVD box sets (GoT, 3 Broke Girls, Alien etc) and some Funko Pop bobble heads.

We had breakfast and then we set off for Norwich and went bowling (it was pouring with rain so wasn't much else to do), bowling went well with the kids, Eppy had a rush of needing to be attached to daddy all morning so she got upset every time he put her down to bowl, but she loved bowling too. Edward won the first game! And I won the second game.

After bowling we went to Bella Italia (I had swapped our Tesco clubcard points so we could have a free meal), the kids had fish and chips and ice cream and I had the mushroom and goats cheese burger with chips and chocolate brownie with ice cream for dessert, Robert had a calzone and a trio of desserts.

We then went back home, though I had a quick phone call with mum and she said she had to pull out of the evening festivities because she had a summer bug, so we drove to the inlaws, dropped the kids off and then drove to my mothers to pick up Robert's card.
We then drove back to the inlaws and then we all left for Norwich (again!) and drove to Middleton's Steak House as that's where we were having dinner.

We all had a lovely time and a nice meal, the service was great too. Robert had white bait for starters, blue cheese burger for mains and then creme brulee for dessert, I had mushrooms stuffed with blue cheese for starters, bbq burger for main and a really horrible sundae for dessert which I couldn't eat (it was just full of cream, blugh). Everyone enjoyed all their grub, the kids did well and behaved really well.

Middleton's even brought out a surprise birthday candle and got everyone to sing happy birthday to Robert which was lovely!

Eventually we got back to the inlaws (at almost 10pm!) and Sadie and I sorted out the birthday cake, she lit it for me and we all sang happy birthday again =D Robert loved his massive cake! And all his cupcakes too!

And then finally Robert, the kids and I all got home and went to bed.

So yeah, we've all had a very lovely long weekend, I hope I managed to make it super special for him and he always remembers it =]

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  1. Looks great- (a night away just the two of you makes me very jealous- id love one with Jen). Happy Birthday to him :) Thanks for linking up #bigfatlinky


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