Beccles Food & Drink Festival

Yesterday we went to Beccles to the Food & Drink Festival, it was sort of a spur of the moment thing, we were going to go for a long walk but Robert didn't really feel like it and I think he just wanted cake to be honest.
When we got to Beccles we popped into grandads garage to say hello as we had to park in his car park as town would be packed. When we walked into the garage Edward got a bit shy for some unknown reason, he didn't want to talk much to grandad and seemed a little scared of the garage, which is strange as he's been there before, we didn't stay long, said goodbye to grandad and wandered up to the town in search of yum.

There were lots of stands just filled with yummy goods! Not to mention the hall in the town had plenty of stands too! Lots of samples to try, the farm down the road from our house was there promoting raw cows milk, Robert and I keep meaning to change our supermarket milk to theirs but it is a bit of a faff as we can only get it from the farm, I can't really walk there so if we run out during the day we'd have to wait till Robert got back from work, then there's the fact it's double the price of supermarket milk too. But we will get it eventually, Robert thinks it will help Edward's slight intolerance to dairy but we will see.

There was quite a nice band busking on the corner street, cheery music to keep the crowd going.

Coffee from a favourite cafe of ours was there; Twyfords.

Cordials, everyone loves cordials right?

Meat. Love a sausage fest.

This was where we bought our cakes from. Omg. So much cake and freshly baked bread. The sight and smell was beautiful.

We ended up buying a sausage roll, oreo cheesecake, chocolate fudge cake, viennese finger, apple strudel and a cheese bready thing (no idea what it was but tasted amazing), all that came to £10! Bargain!
We all scoffed the lot when we got home.
No regrets.


  1. That all looks so delicious! It's making me hungry even though I've only just eaten lunch! Thanks for linking up! x


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