ACrazyMothers Pancakes

Want to make the family some quick tasty pancakes?

Here's how I make ours!

What you will need! (Makes 8)

230g Plain Flour,
1 Pint of Milk,
4 Eggs,
1 Table Spoon of Oil,
Blueberry Syrup (optional),
Lemon Juice (optional),
Sugar (optional),
Honey (optional).

1: Put flour into a large mixing bowl, add the eggs and then add the milk, mix until smooth.
2: Turn the hob up to high (6 is what we put ours on) and add the oil to the frying pan, wait till the frying pan is boiling and add a ladlefull of mixture to the pan.
3: Once it starts cooking around the edges flip your pancake to cook the other side.
4: Cook the pancake to your preference, I like mine golden brown.
5: Smother your pancakes with whatever you like!


We LOVE pancakes in our house, well the kids and Robert do! I can give and take them but with the right toppings I do enjoy them.
My favourite topping for my pancakes is this stuff;

Robert and I got bought it for Christmas last year (I think) and it just tastes AMAZING! We are about to run out so I need to buy more!

Let me know if you make these and how you get on!