'You Kicked Him In The Head!'

It's Wednesday already? Crazy.
The weather here has been BEAUTIFUL!!! The sun has been SHINING so damn bright! The heat has been bliss!
I'm pretty sure the weather man knew I needed a fuck load of sun our way so I could get all the washing done before we go away on Friday!
I've almost done it all and the nappies, just one more load to go! Not seen the bottom of our laundry baskets for quite a while now! So this is a welcome change!
We are supposed to have this heat for three months! I must stock up on sun lotion!

Monday Edward went to preschool, I let him stay for the longer session so I could get as much cleaning done as possible.
In the evening Robert went and picked up Eppy's bed from the inlaws, we decided it was time we set it up and attempted to get Eppy to sleep in it.
Did she sleep in it?
Yeah. For an hour.
Then fell out head first.
BUT! It was nice to have a cuddle with Robert in bed without anyone in between us for a change! To fall asleep with him pressed against my back was heaven.
We are going down the gentle path with getting her to sleep in her bed, we let her fall asleep in our bed and then move her when she's in a deep sleep into her bed which is set up right next to our bed.
We're taking it super slowly, she knows what her bed is for as she pretends to sleep in it and pretends she's snoring in it, it's very cute. So it's just getting her used to it being there and her actually wanting the freedom to sleep in it.

Tuesday was a very busy day!
At 11:30 we went to the doctors because they have a room called the 'Garden Room' which hosts children groups in it, a new toddler group has been set up so we went along to it.
It was alright, the staff were friendly, the other mums there seemed fairly alright.
Eppy did lots of sticking (feathers and coloured bits of paper on a cut out of a bird), Edward ran around the garden and played with some kids, chased them more I think!
Afterwards we walked home to have some quick lunch (mother drove past us on the way home so we met her there), we popped to Co Op as I needed a sandwich and didn't fancy the cheese we had at home, in Co Op they had a tupperware box full of mini cakes for 10p! So I bought three boxes just for the boxes! We've not eaten the cake as it's off, but the money was worth it for the boxes!
We then drove to gymnastics, the kids did the usual and ran around, we met Skydi there who then after gymnastics gave me the Nappuccino.
We then drove home and I got Edward ready for his first Judo lesson.
I think Edward really enjoyed his first class, he got on really well I thought, he just needs to work on his listening skills!

Today has been the start day of packing, have I ever mentioned how much I really hate packing?
I am not even close to finishing, but I am glad I started today rather than tomorrow.
As I was putting Eppy in the car, mum was walking over to us and ended up tripping forced Edward (as they were holding hands) straight to the floor, he was in bits, I ended up having to drag him out of the road and comfort him whilst mum struggled to get up, I wanted to help her too but I was holding both children so didn't get a chance, Edward and mum are okay, both just got scraped hands and knees, but I dread to think what could of happened if a car had been coming.
I hosted the Nappuccino in Lowestoft, I didn't think anyone was going to turn up but someone did and with a new born baby, my ovaries were screaming haha!
Mum then collected us from the children's center we were at and drove us to ASDA, she bought the kids a few bits of clothing and then I got to choose a birthday cake! I chose a giant chocolate uber chocolate cake!
When I got home I noticed a card on the kitchen table, figured it was from Darling (great grandmother), I opened it and inside was a lovely gift voucher for Boots! So I look forward to spending that! Might treat myself to some fancy makeup!

So yeah! That's our week so far, tomorrow will be manic, I have to get everything done, eugh. Thank god Edward is at preschool for the day, less kids under my feet the better!
Probably won't be able to blog over the weekend, might squeeze something in tomorrow, as we are obviously off to Alton Towers on Friday (MY BIRTHDAY!!!)



  1. Gorgeous photos! I go laundry-mad when the suns out. I literally wash EVERYTHING

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