The Sun Has Got His Hat On!

I haven't been up to too much since we got back from holiday to be honest, I got caught up on most of the blogging work I had to do, I've still got a couple of book reviews to do and a key finder and a belt thing, but I'll hopefully get them all done by the end of the week.

Edward went to judo again last Tuesday, it was quite possibly the funniest thing I'd ever seen because Edward was wearing trousers too big for him, so he was running around trying to hold them up whilst doing roley poleys and stuff, it was hilarious!
He is really enjoying judo now which is great.

We saw Skydi last week, my birthday gift from her is she's taking me for a lunch at Fritton Lake this Saturday which will be lovely, the men will watch the kids whilst Skydi and I enjoy some nice food and then we will catch them up when we have finished. Hopefully the weather is okay, we're due a bit of rain this week after the lovely sunshine we've had.

I have a meeting with Skydi and a lady from the council's waste department, I think she wants to help promote the Nappuccino, I had decided last week I wasn't going to take over, but I've changed my mind, I think Lowestoft really needs it and with Skydi leaving someone needs to take over, I just need to learn a bit more about more types of cloth as I can only give my experience with the nappies I've used.

I've been plowing through the TV series Once Upon A Time quite a bit, it's just so good! I wasn't sure if I'd like it when I first heard about it, but once I started watching it I was hooked! It's basically about a town where the wicked witch gets jealous over Snow White and turns the town into the present time and the people in the town have no idea that they were once story characters.

Friday Robert and I went to watch the Avengers Age of Ultron, it was a really funny film, I still preferred the first Avengers film, but this was certainly worth the watch.
We also had a nice meal at the Smoke House in Norwich before the film, I do love our date nights, we don't get them that often so it's just really nice to have some us time.
The only thing I don't like is that whenever Robert and I go out he always feels the need to check work emails, text his friend or whatever, you'd think with how little time we ever get to ourselves he'd want to just focus on us and ignore everything else for a few hours wouldn't you? Would be nice to feel like I was the center of his world, even just for two hours.

Saturday Robert, the kids and I went to Toby's for lunch, I really fancied it and it's not often we ever get to go as a family, we then spent the rest of the day round the inlaws just chilling out.

I decided to put our Connecta up for sale (you can find it on Ebay here), we have two and Robert doesn't get on that well with it, so I think we need to get him a preschool R&R, it might be a bit big but we'll see. We picked up a wrap from Nyssa who runs the Lowestoft Sling Library I had a good play with it on Sunday, I enjoy it but I need a lot more practise with it to get the hang of it, I hope I do get on with it really well as there's lots of wraps out there that are so beautiful, I want them! But there's no point in me owning them if I can't wrap! Haha!

I'm enjoying using my Fitbit watch, I love watching the number of steps I take go up and up, I wear it every day, it's also handy not having to constantly get my phone out of my bag to check the time! Sometimes I even just jog on the spot to get the count up! I manage just over 10K steps a day when Edward's at preschool as I usually walk home from dropping him off and I walk to pick him up, my daily goal is 10K steps a day, so it always feels good to reach it!

Eppy did something incredible yesterday, she was trying to grab hold of the dirty wipes I'd just used to clean her poopy nappy with, I sternly said 'no' and she then looked very upset and said 'I'm sad', I was so shocked I burst into tears, to have her so young be able to tell me that she was sad was huge, we had a cuddle, I said sorry for saying no and explained that she must not touch icky wipes, she smiled and I asked her if she was happy and she said yes. I didn't even realise at so young a child could be so tuned into her emotions, so she's smart!

Today mother is coming over, think we are going out for lunch but I've no idea where, Edward has judo again today, I might go to Insanity if I get the chance but highly unlikely, it's too much of a rush to get there once Edward has finished judo and Robert needs to clean the chinchillas as well this evening.