Sleep Tight Gandalf

Last night something awful happened.
Robert, Eppy and I came upstairs to watch some House, Robert went to feed the chinchillas before coming to bed, I sat there waiting with Eppy for quite a while thinking 'what is he doing?' so eventually I went to check on him and I found him sitting on the floor sobbing because one of the chinchillas (Gandalf) was dying in his arms.

Robert is quite an emotional person, he cries more when we argue than I do, so it's not like I haven't ever seen him cry before, but I have never, ever seen him cry like I did last night and that completely broke my heart.

I honestly didn't know what to do, I had Eppy squawking in the bedroom, I tried to distract her with my phone and Netflix but it wasn't working and then I tried putting on Raa Raa on the computer but that didn't work, I wanted to be there to cuddle Robert but that chinchilla room is tiny and can only fit one person in it at a time really so I couldn't.
I brought a blanket for Robert to cuddle Gandalf in to make him more comfortable, I watched him stroke and try and calm him, it was a beautiful but tragic moment.
Eppy eventually went to sleep and then a few moments later I heard Robert burst into tears so I rushed over and Gandalf had passed away.
I decided the best thing I could do was to get Robert to hand him to me, I stood there holding him whilst Robert composed himself, I got him to give the other two chinchillas a raisin each, we double checked the poor bugger had passed away and then we put him back in his cage and covered him with the blanket.

Robert blames himself but I think he just passed away due to old age, there wasn't any obvious signs as to what was wrong with him.

I'm not overly upset about the passing of Gandalf (I know, I sound like a terrible person), I don't really like them, but that's not the point, Robert loved them and I love Robert, so when he hurts, I hurt and seeing him like that last night was what brought me to tears.

I am off to town today to buy a plant so we can bury Gandalf tonight and plant something special for him in the garden in his memory.