Our First Family Holiday!

What a weekend!
Friday we got up at 4am (that was so harddd!) and bundled everything in the car and we set off for Alton Towers! (I did open up my birthday presents =P I got a fitbit, colouring book, chocolate, new look voucher, boots voucher etc.)
We had several stops along the way, at the first one we had a McDonalds breakfast, the kids didn't really enjoy them I don't think, Robert and I grabbed a hot chocolate and coffee and then we headed off again, at our next stop we grabbed our first ever Krispy Kreme doughnuts! I had a chocolate and hazelnut one and oh my word it was amazing! They are so expensive though! I do hope they come to Norwich soon though, because they make an amazing treat!
When we finally arrived it was a long drive up to our hotel, the road was so long! But we eventually got there and got all checked in, we left our suitcases in the car as our room wasn't going to ready for ages.

A lot of time at Alton Towers consisted of waiting in lines, even for the monorail to get into the park was huge, though it did move rather quickly as there were a few trains running.
We made our way to Cbeebies land and spent most of the Friday in there, it was to be expected really with the children. Cbeebies land was actually quite enjoyable really, the music was nice, the shows were good (we only saw Mike The Knight but it was pretty good!), rides were lovely, loads there for all ages! Edward went on his first ever proper rollercoaster which was the Octonauts, it was really good and Edward loved it! He finally got to go on something that went fast!
Other rides he enjoyed at Alton Towers were the runaway train, Justin's House, In The Night Garden Boat Ride, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, the Carousel and the Frog Hopper.
He went on lots of other rides too, too many to name!
Eppy also got to go on a lot more than we expected! She loved all she went on too.

The only ride Edward didn't enjoy was Hex, I went on it by myself afterwards later in the day and I can now see why he didn't like it! I won't spoil the ride for anyone but I wouldn't take any child on there under the age of 9(ish) on there.

Our hotel room was quite nice even if it was a little bit small, it had a bath which as you all know I was most excited about! The room had bunk beds which Edward enjoyed climbing up and down on and Robert and I had a double bed which was good for Eppy so she slept in the middle.
We went to Flambo's for dinner, we had the all you can eat buffet which was really good, it had a huge choice of food all from different parts of the world, I enjoyed the curry the most I think, we also had lots of ice cream and there was also a chocolate fountain!!!
Our waiter was amazing, I've not had such good service like that in a long time!

I enjoyed my long bath after our dinner (and after Edward was bathed, tried to bath Eppy but she was far too tired and fell asleep rather quickly!), I used one of my Lush bath bombs (think it was blueberry!) and I actually had a chance to shave properly for once hahaha!
We all fell asleep rather quickly, we were exhausted! But I ended up waking up around 3am, I couldn't get back to sleep, though I did manage to fall back to sleep around 5ish for an hour.

When we were all up and dressed and mostly packed we popped down to breakfast which was again all you can eat, breakfast was really nice, again a massive selection.
After breakfast we packed up the car and then went back into the theme park.

Robert and I ended up spending most of the day going on the bigger rides, we had a parent pass which meant that one of us stood in line and then went on the ride, then the parent could go down the Fast Track line and skip to the front of the line to go on quickly. The pass was free so if any of you parents want to get one just ask at one of the kiosks for one.
I got to go on Thirteen and Rita, I wanted to go the other bigger rides but I was too scared to go alone, so hopefully Robert and I can go together another time without the kids so we can go on together.

Food inside the theme park was alright, we had some massive hotdogs for lunch on the Friday which were nice, huge, so if you have two kids you only need one to split in half.
We went into a cafe in Cloud Cuckoo Land and had some toasted sandwich things, they were alright, think we should of had the hotdogs again though.

In the evening once we were finally done with Alton Towers and after the massive walk back to the car park due to the monorail train line being too packed to get on we drove to the Premier Inn we were due to stay at down the road.
We checked in with ease and got to our room, it was a nice room, bath was massive!
We went into the restaurant (which I really wish we never bothered with!) and asked for a table, there was a half an hour wait so we went back to our room and waited as there was no where to wait in the restaurant.
Eventually we were seated (after what was a lot longer than half an hour) and we ordered our food. It looked really good when it came, shame it just tasted so bland and boring, there was just nothing to it.
We didn't even bother with dessert, though that was also down to Edward who was being an arse and not eating his dinner (although I don't blame him after I tasted it), when we got back to our room Edward was being awful with his attitude, being very rude, I now look back and realise he was probably shattered and just being awkward because he was tired, but at the time we were all tired and we just didn't need it.
I went for another bath, this time with a very glittery dragon egg Lush bath bomb, I had a long soak and then came out, Robert then went for his, I think he enjoyed having a bath for the first time in ages, I fell asleep before he came out though to really ask!

In the morning we had breakfast which was better than dinner but not by much, we then headed off, stopped at the service stations that we had used on the way there and bought the same things again (minus the McDonalds breakfast) and we then finally got home.
Robert unloaded the car, I popped to the loo and then we drove to the inlaws for a catch up.

I was supposed to do my Swimathon on Sunday but my period had started on Saturday so I couldn't do it. I was fairly gutted but there wasn't anything I could do about it.

So yeah, overall we did have a wonderful long weekend away, I really enjoyed myself and I'm pretty sure the kids and Robert did too.


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