No Poo? No Thank You!

No. I am not talking about not having a poo for a few days, I am talking about no shampoo or conditioner!
Sounds a bit hippylike doesn't it?
No poo for those who don't know is basically just not using shampoo or conditioner, using just water or baking soda and apple cider vinegar with some sort of scent (like lemon juice). Sounds easy doesn't it?
Some people think it sounds gross, dirty even. But I don't, I think it sounds amazing and I give anyone who does it credit for doing it!
But this evening I had a go at it, I decided to because my scalp really hurts, I'm struggling to even brush it at the moment, it may be because of my shampoo I don't know, but I also have quite bad dandruff at the moment too, it's like it's snowing when I shake my head! So I thought to myself over dinner I would give no poo a go.
I dug out the stuff I needed out of the pantry and jumped into the shower.
I did everything I was supposed to but by the time I had rinsed out the vinegar my hair felt god awful.
It was so eugh, so I took the cowards way out and used shampoo and conditioner, I know I know, I didn't leave it to dry and whatever, but god, no, never again, I just can't.
So all I can say is that those of you who manage it full time I take my hat off to you!

no poo method


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