If I Won 100K

So after gaining entry into the Heart's radio competition on Tuesday I've been thinking about what I would spend the money on, I know it's a slim chance of winning as there are lots of people in the competition too, but it's always great to dream right?

1; Holidays!
I would love to go to New York, Norway and Finland.
New York to do lots of shopping! See some shows and do the usual sight seeing stuff.
Norway because I want to see the Northern Lights!
And Finland because I'd love to take the kids to Moominland!

2; Cars!
Robert needs a new car, so I would love to be able to get him a decent one that doesn't break down constantly!
I also need a drivers license and a car, so that the money would help with that.

3; Give Mum Some Money!
I'd obviously give some money to my mother so she can pay someone to finish decorating her house.

4; Put Some Away!
I know Robert would make me put some money away, especially for the children, makes sense really.

5; New Chest of Drawers!
Robert desperately needs a new chest, so that would be a quick buy haha!

6; Everything Off My Amazon Wish List!
Have you seen my list? It's pretty big! (You can view it here) but I'd probably still buy most of it second hand, I'm still pretty frugal after all!

So yeah, that's what I would do.

What would you do with 100k?