Happy Easter Sunday 2015

Ahh Easter.
The one rare time of the year it's perfectly acceptable to eat fuck loads of chocolate all day, especially for breakfast.
This morning I woke up at 6:30, I was going to go swimming but my throat is still killing me and I had the sniffles, so decided I would finally write my Beyond The Sling review instead! I was meant to do it in October but just never got around to it, ha, my bad. But it's all done and up now and I'm happy with it!
When everyone got up we all had chocolate for breakfast, I had my Hotel Chocolat Easter egg, I didn't even get to try the egg though, it came with some mini chocolates which I ate, gosh they were lovely, but really filling so I didn't get to touch my egg but I plan on nomming on that later this evening!
Edward was excited over one of his eggs because he got a Thomas the Tank Engine breakfast set with it (bowl, cup and spoon), Eppy didn't have breakfast, she didn't get up till 10am in which we only had an hour to get ready to leave for the inlaws, she wasn't bothered by the fact she had missed breakfast either, she rarely ever eats it.

We got to the inlaws for 11am, when Sadie and everyone arrived they cooked lunch (hunters chicken YUM!) dinner was good, tasted lovely as always.
After lunch we all exchanged Easter gifts, this year we set a max spend of £5 each person so we didn't go overboard, Robert and I were given lots of American sweets etc and some awesome Game of Thrones coasters!!! I don't want to use them because I don't want to ruin them haha!
The kids got lots of chocolate which they ate pretty quickly, although they still have four eggs left.
I think everyone liked our gifts too which was nice, we didn't go down the chocolate route, I wanted to get people stuff they would use etc rather than just eat and be done with!
We got Sadie a photo frame, Matt a Refreshers car air freshener, Betty a butterfly bag (which Sadie chipped in for too), Grandma a vase and Grandad a smelly candle.

The rest of the afternoon the kids just played with their toys (Pop Up Pirate and Marble Run mainly) and then we came home.

It's now almost 5:30pm, I am looking forward to Edward going to bed and hopefully having an early night to watch a few episodes of House with Robert and maybe Eppy falling asleep so Robert and I can have some us time.

I sorted out with Whitney our plans for Saturday, we're off to Nando's and then Rev De Cuba for drinkies, should be a good day =]

Yesterday I did my part for Edward's preschool and sold food and drinks at the preschool's Easter Fair thing, two hours of standing in heels, Edward and I also won two things in the raffle, I won some fancy shower stuff and Edward choose to win a massive thing full of more Easter chocolate!
We then went to the local farm and Edward went on an Easter Egg hunt, a bouncy castle and we ate wild boar burgers and sausages. Saw some lambs and chickens etc too.
In the afternoon I took Edward swimming, he enjoyed himself a lot more this time, went underwater a bit too.

Here are our photos from today and yesterday =]