Drinking From The Bottle

It's not even 6am, I've been up from just gone 4:30am, my throat hurt and my stomach was making weird noises so I just figured I'd get up and put some washing on and then come blog for a bit, also currently listening to Avril Lavigne's latest album on Youtube.

So what have I been up to this week?
Well I have decided my wardrobe needs updating, so today I am off to Norwich to go clothes shopping and shoe shopping and possibly bag shopping too, I'm meeting Whitney too to exchange birthday presents and have drinks and lunch, so it's going to be a busy day I imagine!
I decided my wardrobe needs shaking up a bit, I don't really have a set style with what I wear, so I figured I'd have a look around the city and see what I can find, maybe hit a few charity shops and have a rummage!

On Monday Robert and I went to Skydi's to chill out for the day as it was a bank holiday, we all had a good day, Robert and Robyn played a card game (the name has gone from my mind) so at least they now they have something to do and talk about whenever we go round now. Skydi and I think it will be good for them to become proper friends, as neither of them have many and as Skydi and I are best friends it would just work really well.
Skydi made burgers for our lunch too which were really nice! Edward and Rowan chilled out on the sofa together with their drinks (you'll see in the photos in a moment) and they looked so cute together. You can easily tell they are best friends, it's adorable.

Tuesday mum picked the kids and I up and took us to gymnastics, I think the kids got bored as we left a bit earlier than it usually ends, we then drove back to mine and mum watched Eppy whilst I walked Edward to the dojo as he's now starting judo classes for under 5's, but sadly when we arrived it wasn't on as it was still Easter holidays, so we had to walk home.
I then went to the doctors, he told me I might have glandular fever and that I should have a blood test to confirm, I also got some tablets to delay my period for this month as I am due on over my holiday and swimathon (typical) so I need to avoid it for this month! I also requested to have the implant in my arm, I have to wait for a letter to come through with my appointment.
I had an email through from BookStart telling me that the kids had won a competition, they had won some books, no idea what books but I thought it was lovely! So just awaiting them to arrive now!

Obviously if you've read my previous post you'll know that one of Robert's chinchillas died this week, we buried him on Wednesday evening when I got back from HIIT, we also planted a climbing plant so it can grow in his name.

I had a parcel arrive on Wednesday with a book in it I had also won from a competition too which was also a lovely surprise! It's called Amy Snow by Tracy Rees.

Edward this week has suddenly got an obsession with pulling my trouser legs up and cuddling my legs, bit weird, but nothing new there!

Yesterday I went to Skydi's for the day, was really good, had chips from the chippy, strawberries, waffles, chocolate, ice cream etc. Skydi then had a phone call from someone in Bristol who is offering her a good paying job, he really wants her. My heart is currently breaking at the thought of losing my best friend, her moving so far away would break me I think. Not to mention the children.
I can't imagine going to Lowestoft and knowing I won't see her, she's been my best friend for so long, she's one of the very very few people I can turn to and know she'll be right there, she takes me as I am and knows how to deal with me.
Then on top of that I would then have to explain to Edward that he's not going to see Skydi or Rowan anymore or at least not for a while and not as often as he'd like, Rowan is his best friend too and that's just going to knock him sideways and I don't want him to feel like that so young, he's only four, he is at the age where he remembers everything now, so how does a four year old cope with losing their best friend?
I know I am being selfish, this is about her and her family and what's best for them, but I just can't bring myself to support her with it, not until she actually makes her mind up anyway, I know it sounds horrible, I know this, but I just can't.

So yeah, my week hasn't been overly hectic, next week will be, Edward is back at preschool on Monday, Tuesday we have a new kids group on at the doctors to go to plus gymnastics and judo and I have my insanity class, Wednesday I have HIIT and I'm doing the Nappuccino at the Lowestoft children's center for Skydi, I may end up taking over that if she moves away too.
Thursday I have to make sure all the packing is done for our holiday which we leave for on Friday (Alton Towers for two days), won't be coming home till Sunday. So this week I need to make sure all the washing is done, house is left tidy etc. Last thing I want to worry about coming home to is a messy house, I hate that.