A Sweet For You (Review)

George opened ‘A Sweet For You’ in February 2014.
He runs it mostly on his own but occasionally has family members help him out with a few shifts, so this is another nice little family business in our beautiful town of Bungay.
George is very knowledgeable in all things sweet, when he first opened his quaint little store he aimed to sell more traditional sweets but as like most things, time moves on, so although he does sell a lot of traditional yummies he also sells a lot of American sweets too.
But don’t think it’s just sweets he sells! Oh no! He has ice cream too! Which is also local! Just on the other side of Harleston, it’s by Suffolk Meadow.

On walking into the sweet shop you and just mesmerized by everything in store, everything is laid out so you can clearly see everything that is up for offer. At the counter you have the local chocolate by a Suffolk company called Deepmills, they have many different flavours available for you to buy such as milk, dark and white.
Then as your eyes wander to your left you see a whole wall devoted to glass jars filled with lots of traditional sweets such as Flying Saucers, Milk Bottles, Bonbons etc, all just begging to be eaten! Then as your eyes continue to wander around the room you will see a table of American sweets, in the counter lots of local treats and to the right of the counter you will see the diabetic goodies! Your legs then take you through to the other part of the shop and you will see a big ice cream counter and more American sweets and usually the seasonal chocolate.

What I will say about A Sweet For You is that yes it’s a bit more pricey than a chain supermarket but because it’s got such a good variety of goodies and as it’s an independant store it’s very good quality, it’s not run by hundreds of people, you can ask for George any question about his goods and you know he will tell you all you need to know, I know myself that I don’t mind paying a bit extra for quality and I like to know I am helping my community out more than a chain supermarket.

A Sweet For You also does events, George can cater for any event you require such as weddings and birthdays, he does party bags too! I can’t wait for when my children get older, I know who I will be having there giving my children and their friends quality goodies!

George’s shop really is a beautiful building, it was once the home to Percy Trott also known as ‘The Demon Barber’! It still has all the original beams on the ceiling!

Overall, A Sweet For You is a credit to Bungay, you would be insane not to pop in!

Opening Times:
Mon-Sat: 9am - 5pm
Sun: 10am - 4pm
31 Earsham Street
Suffolk NR35 1AF
01986 469139