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So as you may have read in my previous blogs, I wrote a review for Le Club De Cacao, well I had a meeting this morning with Lynn and I am now a writer for her website which involves me coming along to the group every month (for freeee) and writing about everything that goes on during the session, I also get to help out and go to several chocolate events and festivals.

I have also been asked this afternoon to help out with the preschool Easter Fun day, not sure what I'm going to be doing yet but I'm always happy to help!

This week is going quite well so far really, Sky is making a good recovery at the moment, every day she seems to be getting back to her old self.
Monday evening I went swimming for an hour and a half, managed 82 lengths, wasn't as many as I had hoped but there was a lot of annoying people in the lane so I ended up going slower than I wanted.
Tuesday I took the kids to gymnastics, mum informed me got a speeding ticket haha, I shouldn't laugh, but it's not like my mum is a crazy driver.
She bought the kids a small slide as Eppy can't get up the wooden steps to the outside one, so we figured a smaller one for her would be better, she's barely off it at the moment.
I went to Insanity on Tuesday evening, it was really good and I put my all into it, really enjoyed it.

Obviously today I had my meeting with Lynn at a cafe in town, Eppy was certain that the block of butter I had for my scone was cheese and proceeded to eat it, she also spilt tea over Lynn and threw loads of food on the floor. On the plus side I had a nice bacon, brie and cranberry sandwich with a hot chocolate covered in Harribo!
I have my HIIT class tonight, my feet hurt already though as I walked to and from preschool with Edward (I didn't want to wait an hour for the next bus) and my legs still hurt from Insanity last night.

I don't have an exercise on tomorrow night so I actually get some rest! Will be nice to sit with Robert and eat dinner too as we've not had a chance to sit down together and eat so far this week yet.

I worked out that in seven months I've managed to loose two stones, I also lost three pounds this week.


  1. You're doing well, I've never done Insanity, I think I would die trying :) xx

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