The Monkey Is 4!

Wow! What a busy last few days!
Saturday we went to Colchester Zoo!

I was originally in two minds about going on Friday night because Edward was being a complete arse at night time and just refusing to go to bed and just being quite awful really. It's hard to deal with because he's always been so amazing at going to bed, Eppy is usually the arsey one to deal with at night time, so I just really struggled to deal with it. Robert eventually took over and finally managed to get him to bed in the end thank god.

Anyway, we left for the zoo pretty early, around 8:30am, we got there for when it opened and beat the rest of Robert's family there haha, that was unexpected, we're usually late everywhere we go!

We had a really lovely day, the weather got a bit cold at points but mostly it was really good, sun came out which was a bonus too considering we were expecting an overcast all day!
Edward got to feed a giraffe, went down a massive slide by himself (which made me panic!), he got to stroke a lemur (he wasn't supposed to touch them, but he did anyway!) we had ice cream (thanks great grandma!) and we then raided the gift shop (thanks grandma for the awesome plates and stuff!)

Eppy did amazingly too! We had bought her some reins a few days before our trip and she wore them for the first time on Saturday and she walked all day! I was expecting her to go in the sling after an hour! But no! She went in it for about twenty minuets the entire day. I think we were all really proud of her by the end of the day!

Unfortunately Skydi and her family couldn't join us at the zoo because Rowan was very poorly, Edward was a bit upset but there wasn't much we could do about it sadly.

In the evening we went back to the inlaws and had take out! I had Chinese, I do love a take out night round the inlaws, it doesn't happen often but I like it because it's the only time I get to eat Chinese! Robert isn't a fan of it really, well, he's never had a good one so it's hard to convince him to ever order it.

On Sunday Robert and I dropped the children round the inlaws and then drove to Lowestoft, we did our weekly shop, popped to Costa for a takeaway hot chocolate and coffee and Pets at Home for some chinchilla food.
We then drove home and I baked Edward's birthday cake, whilst it was baking Robert and I watched an episode of House.
When the cakes finished baking we left them to cool and went back to the inlaws to pick up the kids.
Grandad had taken Edward to his garage during the day as he had a bus in, so Edward got to play on it and sit in the drivers seat! Lucky boy!

Once Edward was put into bed Robert then iced Edward's cake. I ended up falling asleep with Eppy upstairs as he was icing till about 11:30pm.

In the morning before anyone woke up on Edward's birthday, I looked at the cake and ended up crying, it had obviously melted over night as it looked, erm, not that great. Robert worked really hard on it so I was sad it had gone wrong over night, it just looked a mess.
When Edward eventually woke up he opened his presents (kept having to tell him to open them as he was obsessing over his new buses). I think he loved all his presents, he was very excited and kept asking 'for me?!' hehe.
Eppy 'helped' open some presents too.
Once the presents had been opened we had breakfast and then we got ready and left to go to a place called Monsters which is in Diss, it's just a jungle gym place.
It really wasn't worth the effort, it took us ages to find it because it was hidden away and there were no signs telling us where to go.
It just looked dire as we walked in, the prices were alright but there was a serious lack of staff and the food was pretty rubbish.
But Edward and Eppy did enjoy themselves which is what matters right?

Then we popped to the butchers and bought some sausages for dinner and then Tesco for some rolls etc.
We eventually went to the inlaws and waited for them to get back from work, Robert started cooking dinner.
When everyone arrived (including my mother) we chilled for a bit, I spoke to mum about how Robert wasn't overly comfortable driving for 5 hours back home after a long day in the dark after Alton Towers, so she offered to book us another night at a Premier Inn near by the Alton Towers hotel.
So I booked that there and then, it just means after a long drive home I then have to go do my Swimathon in the evening haha.
We then had dinner (decent hot dogs, chips etc) and then Robert and I popped home to grab Edward's birthday cake.
Edward got all excited when we sang to him and was excited over his cake (and the ice cream).
Eventually we got home, we all then went straight to bed.

I didn't tell/remind anyone on Facebook about Edward's birthday, I wanted to see who would actually remember. And nobody apart from Skydi (obviously) remembered. Not even Whitney. I am so disappointed in her for not even dropping a text to wish him happy birthday, I can't believe she forgot. She has let me down massively and I'm not sure how we are going to work through it to be honest.

It's now the Easter holidays, Edward has two weeks off preschool, I'm not sure what we are doing yet, I know we have plans for the weekend but during this week I'm not overly sure!