The Dreaded Mothers Day

I feel slightly skeptical about this year's Mothers Day.
So far in all honesty I haven't had a really good stand out Mothers Day myself, last year it was on Edward's birthday so my day kind of got taken away from me as all the focus was on Edward, which was obviously fine, it wasn't his fault it was his birthday then, the years before haven't been very eventful either really, I get the usual card, flowers at a push. I did get a nice Swarovski figure two years ago though which I really appreciated.
This year I'm doubtful over much happening, we're fairly broke this month because of Sky's operation so I'm not expecting much really, the kids don't really have a clue that it's a special day, it's just another day in the week for them.
I am sort of looking forward to when they get older and they can make me cute crafts themselves and actually want to do it not just because daddy has made them do it.
Sunday should actually be a nice day in all really, we're going to the inlaws for lunch, meeting my mother there too so the whole family is together which is nice.

This year I didn't know what to get mum so I bought her some photo albums and I had over 800 photos of the kids printed off and put them in there, she's always bugging me for photos of the kids so at least this time she has no need to till next year! I think each year I'll print her off lots of photos and just keep adding to them.
I've also got her a voucher for a fabric shop in town as she likes it in there and some new buttons as she collects them.

I have no idea what the children have got for me, not that I really need anything apart from a FitBit watch which I know I won't be getting due to lack of money, but Robert as said if I still want it next month for my birthday I can have it, but I think I'd rather wait a few months for it, get it when we can afford it =]

I really don't like necklaces or rings or whatever that say 'mum' on them, they just don't appeal to me,  find them a bit tacky in all honesty.

I sent Robert out last night to get a card from the kids to his mother, he came home with the same bloody card I'd got my mum from the kids -_-', not that he was to know, so I suppose he has good taste? But we will have to get them another one and save that one for next year haha.

I think Mothers Day is a bit like Valentines Day where it's just there so the card companies can make a bit of money, surely you should respect your mother every day of the year? Not just on one day of the year? And what about the families where the children have two dads? I know they get fathers day but still.

I don't know, I'm just skeptical about the whole thing, I have a feeling Robert might be up to something as he left the Tesco receipt on the floor in the kitchen this morning, he has bought hot chocolate and marshmallows and some chocolate kisses, so unless he's just treated himself (which I wouldn't put past him) he's obviously making me a fancy hot chocolate for breakfast maybe? I hope he realizes I'm still going swimming Sunday morning? Haha. I can't skip swimming training unfortunately.

I'm sure it will be a nice day on Sunday, at least the family are all together so the kids will be happy and excited and there will be food, can't beat that surely?!