Stressful Week & Stodgey Wheatabix

So this week has been fairly stressful.
Sky hasn't been well for the past two weeks and on Friday she ended up having to have an emergency operation to have her whole womb removed as she had pyometra (if you want to read up on what it is you can check it out here!)
Robert's been beating himself up over it, blaming himself but it's not his fault and I hope he realises that soon.
Two days on and Sky is feeling much better, she's back to eating her food and she seems much happier now, she's having to wear one of Robert's tshirts to stop her scratching her stitches, she also has to wear a cone if she starts licking herself too much.
Robert has been sleeping downstairs with her to keep an eye on her, the sofa hasn't done his back much good but hopefully he'll only be sleeping downstairs again with her one more night. She'll be going to work with him for the next couple of weeks too I think until she is fully healed.
The vet bill was not pretty. Almost £500. We're not even sure the insurance are going to cover it, I hope to god they do as we're struggling already as it is, our child tax credits have pretty much gone out of the window now due to Robert's high wage so we're struggling at the moment, surviving but struggling, I am hoping in a couple of months Robert will get another pay rise and we'll be alright.

It was World Book Day this week, I was unaware the preschool were doing a dressing up day so Edward went in in normal clothes, but they had a fire engine there this week so Edward got to play with that and sit in the drivers seat which he really enjoyed.

I went to the chocolate club on Thursday to do my review of it, it was a really enjoyable experience, Robert says hopefully if we've got the spare funds next month I can go again, hopefully he can come with me as I think he'd really enjoy it. Cheap chocolate will never taste the same again.

Realised that last weekend Eppy has a slight obsession with coleslaw, she pretty much ate almost an entire tub of it herself round the inlaws, it was still coming out of her over four days later.

Tuesday the kids and I went round Skydi's for a bit and then we all went to gymnastics together, Edward now has an obsession with Thomas The Tank Engine, he really wanted to keep Rowan's toy trains and got most upset when he had to leave them, I'd buy him some for his birthday but we've already bought all his presents and we've pretty much done and got everything ready for his birthday, maybe for Christmas if nobody else gets him any for his birthday.

Eppy broke my phone screen, I wasn't happy about it, in all the years I've ever owned a mobile I've never had a broken screen, my phone isn't insured so it's going to cost £50 to repair. So more costs ontop of everything else this month.

I went to a charity shop in town on Thursday and they had a huge basket full of toy cars (including a black double decker bus!) they wanted 25p per car, I asked them how much for the lot, £3! So I bought the lot. The kids have loved them so far, luckily mother bought us a new storage unit the other week so we had somewhere to put them all!

Robert and I had a debate this week on whether wheatabix should be eaten hot or cold (first world problems obviously), I say hot he says cold.
I asked on facebook and there was three votes for hot and six votes for cold! Crazy people! Why would you eat it cold? I like it so it's nice and hot with a little crunch in it! *Drool.*

Edward has mastered doing roley poley's around the living room, no idea who taught him, he must have watched people do and it just copied I guess?

I'm not sure on the plans for next week, will be mothers day on Sunday, already got my mother's present sorted (800 photos of the kids in albums.)
Gymnastics tuesday.
I have to go to Norwich sometime soon to get bits for Edward's birthday cake, not sure if I will go this week or next.

So yeah, it's been a stressful week, so hoping next week will be much more relaxing.


  1. Wow, I got stressed just reading about your week! I hope you get a much needed break from chaos soon.

  2. Wow! It sounds like you had a really busy week and it certainly made me tired just looking at it! I hope that Sky is doing better now and I hope that Robert and you all got through it okay. By the way, I know what its like to have a broken screen on a cell phone. It's definitely no fun! Hope you are doing well!

    Cordia Remsen @ RBSMN


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