Slacker Lacker

I haven't posted in a while, not really had a lot of time to sit here and type away, but I've got a free hour now so I figured I'd do a quick catch up!

On the 8th of this month Robert and I treated the inlaws and great grandmother to our local carvery, it was a treat for great grandma's birthday, sadly Sadie and Matt couldn't make it as they were away that weekend but hopefully we can all go again another time =]
We have learnt though now not to go on a Sunday ever again, the service was terrible at the start really, our waitress was so dozy! As Robert and I have turned vegetarian for the month (possibly longer for me) we wanted to order something other than the carvery but we didn't get a chance to as our waitress never turned up to take our order and presumed we wanted all wanted the meat, we were really pissed off about it and ended up just getting the vegetables to eat, which was alright but we wanted something to go with them.
I rarely ever have a bad experience there so I'm just putting the experience down to it being super busy, still not an excuse, but it's not going to stop me going again.

That evening as we were sat in bed watching Top Gear one of the blokes on it called James May said the word 'cock' very loud, a few seconds later Eppy yelled 'COCK', Robert and I were in stitches, it was hilarious.

On the 9th Edward went to preschool in his uniform that had finally arrived, he looks cute in it, I find it interesting how he actually suits most colours, I wasn't expecting him to suit the teal coloured shirts they wear but he did.

We started our Dale Pinnock cookbook that week too, most of it doesn't contain meat so it's perfect for us this month, although after going through it there were a lot of fish meals so they will have to wait till next month.
But! I did manage to make this beetroot and goats cheese tart, it was LOVELY! I don't usually like beetroot but this was really good! I may make it again soon and just have it with the kids as a lunch thing, typing this now I really fancy it!

Eppy showed off her affectionate side on the 10th, Edward tripped over something and got upset and just before I could get to him she walked over to him, tilted her head and gave him a cuddle, it was so sweet to watch, she is a very affectionate child, she loves giving cuddles and kisses to those close to her, sometimes she doesn't want to and that's okay, but most of the time she's right in there trying to eat our noses!

Skydi gave me her recipe for her spinach and feta quiche, it was also very yummy! I also now fancy eating that again now haha! I made the pastry for it unlike the beetroot one, I think it was alright, slightly soft on the bottom but it was fine, it was all eaten at dinner so no left overs so I don't think anyone was complaining!

Robert has said that when I have done my 5K swimathon he would treat me to some beauty treatments at Eclipse (my hairdresser's), not sure on how to take that! LOL! I may be brave and have my eyebrows done, I'll need a hair cut by then and I may get my nails done, because everyone knows, when you become a mother you never have enough time to let your nails dry properly!

I watched that documentary on channel 4 that followed 4 year olds when they were at school. Most of the kids on that show were HORRIBLE! There was one boy who picked on loads of kids and his parents said they never tell him off because he's cute! What the actual hell? He wasn't cute. He was fat. He was a fat kid with issues. His parents really needed to show him more affection and help set boundaries to help guide him, and to lay off the freaking chocolate! There was one boy on the show who punched another kid but I couldn't help but laugh because there was a girl who kept picking on him and he just couldn't take it anymore, so he let rip, although it was wrong of him to do, I still found it amusing.
I really do hope school is better for Edward if he goes, I don't think I could cope if he was being picked on or if he turned into a bully.

I managed to book Robert and I tickets to see Michael Mcintyre in Ipswich, I am super excited to go! It took me a while to book the bloody things as the website kept crashing, but I managed to get them in the end, fairly close to the front too (row F), was glad I did because even though he's there for two dates they were both sold out by the end of the day!

The kids both had some messy play with pains on the 13th;

Robert and I exchanged Valentines day gifts two days early, I was a bit over excited to give him mine as I had it made for him, it was a photo of the date with met with a picture of Starbucks, our family and Hugh Laurie on it, I put it in a frame, it looks lovely! Can't wait to get it up on the wall!
I had also bought him some slippers, but much to my dismay I didn't realize they were 1; a size too small, 2; had hearts on the bottom, 3; women's slippers! But he still wears them anyway, but not as much as I do hahahaha.
He bought me a mug, which sounds a bit lame but it's not! It's one I wanted! It's an Alice in Wonderland one and looks like it's melting!

Eppy had been feeling a bit poorly on the 13th and ended up projectile vomiting all over me, I was covered head to toe in vomit. I just sat there in shock for a few seconds and waited for Robert to take her off me. The sofa was also covered in vomit so we had to take the covers off the cushions and put them in the wash.
I had a shower before Eppy had a bath because she was really upset and needed calming first.

Robert and I also went and watched 50 Shades of Grey which came out on Valentines Day (but we went the day after), it was a good film, not amazing, but good, they missed a few bits out of the book which was a shame but it was enjoyable, I won't go into details as I don't want to spoil it =]

Robert partly started the 30 day squat challenge, I think he only got up to day 3, I'm now doing it and I'm on day 6, although I forgot to do them yesterday so I need to do yesterday's too!

We also celebrated Rowan's 3rd birthday, I still struggle to think he's only 3 and not 4! His birthday fell on pancake day, so the kids and I made pancakes for breakfast that day.
Also that morning I nipped into town to grab Rowan a few other bits for his birthday, I had bought him a shirt but wanted to get him a couple of other things too =]
His birthday party was really good, all the kids enjoyed themselves, Skydi made Rowan a bus birthday cake, which admittedly upset me a tiny bit as I had said we were going to make Edward one for his, but it's ok, we're going to make him the 'Don't Chat To The Bus Driver' story book cake as that's his favourite book so it'll have a meaning behind it too =]

The day after the party I met up with Skydi and went to the old children's center we used to go to, it's going to close down next month, a bit sad really but there just isn't enough funding for it.
We then we to Gunton Woods for a lovely walk, Eppy enjoyed it loads as it was the first real time I let her walk around somewhere outside rather than sling her, mainly because she runs off, but the woods is safe as there are no cars! So she was fine!

I went to HIIT in my Moomin pj bottoms, couldn't find any clean leggings so figured 'why not?'

On Friday Edward had a really bad day, he spent almost three hours trying to have a poo and failed, he was sobbing so much on the toilet, it got to the point where I called mother and got her to take us to A&E, Robert left work when I told him we were on the way to A&E, I did try and get Edward a doctor's appointment first but they couldn't see him till the afternoon and I couldn't wait that long to get him seen so A&E it was!
When we got there Robert met us there and we waited to be seen, when we finally got in Edward had his temperature checked and he was almost 40 degrees, he was boiling, so they opened the window and gave him Calpol, he fell asleep on me, I actually shamelessly liked him sleeping on me as it was the first time in ages he's done it, it was like holding a little baby again.
His temp didn't go down much with the calpol so then they gave him ibuprofen.
The doctor checked him over and felt his belly but couldn't feel anything in there, so there wasn't anything stuck, so basically he had no idea what was really wrong with him, just figured it was a virus.
I was told to take him off the Movicol (to help his poo) because it was making him worse, I was fine with that as that as I had used the last of it that morning.

Anyway, it's now about two weeks later and he's fine now, pooping fine on his own too.

I haven't done much this week, today I'm currently sat typing the rest of this round the inlaws awaiting everyone to come here so we can make burgers.

Here are some photos from this week.