Pressure? What Pressure?

So the not so wonderful day time TV program This Morning on ITV are talking about the pressure of breastfeeding, they have asked if women feel pressured to breastfeed.

My answer to that question is no.
Well. Not by other people anyway.
I don't feel like there is a pressure from others breastfeed, you don't see any breastfeeding adverts on TV you only really see the odd poster floating around a hospital or at your local children's center.
In my opinion there isn't enough advertisement and help for upcoming and current breastfeeding mothers.

Formula has not always been around. Until it was invented you either breastfed or you had a wet nurse to do it for you, I actually dread to think about what a lot of mothers would do if the formula companies stop producing formula, it would be fine if they were about to give birth because then they would have no real choice but to breastfeed or find someone who could for them, but current mothers who are formula dependent would be up the shitter really, they would have to cup feed donated breast milk or spend ages trying to teach their child to relatch onto a nipple.

For me, I found my breastfeeding journey difficult, I had a lot of health visitors and midwives convincing me that my milk was not good enough, I know now that I should never have listened to them and that I should have just locked Eppy and I in our bedroom until we had breastfeeding sorted, but when you've got people yapping at you and moaning that your daughter isn't gaining her birth weight quick enough and yada yada yada you end up doubting yourself and losing all faith.
I didn't have enough support, I felt so alone, as much as Robert was a great support he had no idea the hell I was going through emotionally because I felt like I was failing my daughter.
Now though, I know that I did give Eppy the best start in life with breastfeeding even though it wasn't for as long as I had wanted.

Breast is best, you can't actually deny it. Formula will never be as good as breast milk and that is a fact.
I will happily freely say that formula feeding your child is not the end of the world, obviously now both of my children were formula fed eventually, I have nothing against formula feeding either.
The issue I have is those who refuse to even think about breastfeeding and plan on relying on formula right from birth even though they know breast milk is best.
Honestly, why would you not want to even give it a go?
Where is the harm in just doing it for say three days? Because as soon as you give birth (you start producing it during your pregnancy too) before your proper breast milk comes through you have what most people refer to as 'liquid gold' or colostrum and that stuff is super amazing, Colostrum is full of antibodies and high in protein but has less of carbohydrates and fats. It helps build your newborn’s immunity and has a laxative effect that helps him pass the tarry first stools called meconium. So even if you just breastfeed for the first few days you are already giving your baby a fantastic start.

I know breastfeeding is not for everyone, it's a very tough skill to master, nobody said it was easy, but it is worth it.

The pressure I find doesn't come from others, I don't look at a breastfeeding mother and feel like she is pressuring me to breastfeed, I don't actually feel anything, she's just feeding her child at the end of the day. I feel that if there is any pressure it's from ourselves.
Since falling pregnant when I was 19 until now, so what, 3/4 years ago, I have never felt any pressure from anyone to breastfeed, I have put pressure on myself more than anything to do it.
When I was pregnant with Eppy I tried to do as much research as I could about breastfeeding and breast milk so I was ready, but I never had any pressure from family or friends or the hospital for it, infact the hospital were pretty rubbish whenever I asked them for advice on it to be perfectly honest.
I ended up with post natal depression at one point because as our breastfeeding journey came to a stop the pressure I had put on MYSELF made me feel like such a let down.
But like I said, I was wrong to feel that way.

Breastfeeding mothers don't go outside and breastfeed in public to put pressure on other people. They go out and breastfeed in public because their child is hungry and it needs to be fed. That is simply it.
You will probably come across the odd one or two snobby mothers but you get that with a lot of things not just breastfeeding.
People will always judge people, you can't get away from it.

All I am really trying to say is, don't pressure yourself too much, don't always think someone is trying to pressure you into breastfeeding, but what I would say is if you can - just give it a go, there simply is no decent reason as to why you shouldn't, you know, unless you medically can't.