It's All About The Giant Marshmallows.

Mothers day.
Woke up to Edward screaming the words to the song 'Uptown Funk' and also to the fact he had taken a dump in his potty.
Then we all come downstairs, I start making breakfast in the kitchen, Robert shuts me in there and opens the door eventually showing me a card from the kids that they drew two green squiggles on and he wrote in crayon, it was one of those cards that the kids colour in a lovely picture at the front, he got them to do it then because he thought I was going swimming so he didn't have time to do it. *Rolls Eyes.*
Then he hands me my presents, doesn't give them to the kids to give to me, I got what I had mentioned in my last blog, hot chocolate, marshmallows and Hershey's Kisses.
It wasn't the lack of what I got or the price of the gifts that bothered me, I didn't care about that, it was the pure lack of effort that was put into any of it. He could have gotten the kids to make me something or whatever.
I suppose when the kids get older they will want to do stuff like that for me.
I'm not ungrateful for my gifts, I like the marshmallows and I like the hot chocolate, the kisses are alright but not as amazing as I had hoped.
He has said he will buy me some nice chocolate at the club next month too which is nice =] also makes up for the fact he keeps eating my stuff that is currently in the pantry.
The actual Mothers Day itself was alright, we went round the inlaws and had a nice lunch, I think every mother there and grandmother enjoyed their gifts. It was just a really lazy day which was nice and also I like it when everyone is together, I usually feel a bit bad when we all have a lunch round the inlaws and my mum isn't there, but usually I think my mum is busy so she doesn't tend to make it, plus it's usually short notice too. I do love eating round there though, saves me cooking and washing up!

Monday Robert took Edward to preschool and we also dropped off loads of the kids old toys there too, Robert did work round his mothers, he will be working from there when he has to work from home, we don't really have the space and with Eppy here he won't get much done as she'll just want to play all day with him.
I should also mention that Edward at preschool had made me a really cool card and bracelet for mothers day, at least he did something crafty for me afterall!
I went to town and dropped off loads of the kids old clothes to a charity shop, got space in our room back now!
I also cleaned our bedroom on Monday, I prefer cleaning upstairs, mainly because the kids don't mess it up as quick or right away after I've finished.
I decided I would try and run for Bungay council this year, I think it would be good to have someone younger on the council and someone independent too, so fingers crossed I get a place!

Tuesday mum picked me up early and we went to B&Q to get Skydi a voucher for there as that's what she wanted for her birthday, we then popped into Morrisons to get her some cards and then we went to Costa for lunch.
I had a very nice goats cheese and beetroot panini and a strawberry and cream cooler.
I couldn't figure out how to use the high chair in there for Eppy so she had to just sit on a tub chair next to me.
Eppy enjoyed her smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich and some fancy Kettle Chips, Edward enjoyed his chocolate square thing and mug of milk too.
After Eppy had finished her lunch I had to run into Next to try and get her some clothes, she had covered hers in soft cheese and stuff, also her leggings were wet so I had to get her some new ones too. I realised I didn't have a spare nappy on me either so I ran into Morrisons to see if I could find a reusable nappy to buy but they didn't have any in there, I tried ringing Skydi but she wasn't answering so we had to drive into town and I had to pay £16.99 for a new totsbots from Boots, I wasn't happy about buying a new one, especially a design we already had, but I really didn't have any choice.
We then finally made it to gymnastics and I changed Eppy and the kids had a blast, saw Skydi there with the boys too.
I gave Skydi her birthday presents (as it's her birthday today, it's Wednesday today FYI) as I wasn't sure if I'd see her on her birthday because I've got someone fixing the water meter coming in the afternoon.

Today is Wednesday, Edward's not going to preschool today because he woke up with a cough, plus I don't have any money for the bus on me and I'm not making him walk to preschool because he'll scream the entire way for the bus and I just can't handle that today, so we're going to be making Easter things today hopefully, the weather is a bit dull to go out in.
I've also got a man coming to do the water meter and I really should stuff the nappies at some point.

Totsbots have announced there will be new element nappies on Friday, I am sort of not looking forward to seeing what they are, purely because we can't afford them, so I hope the designs are rubbish in a way because it will make me feel better!