Finest Meat & Veg In Town!

Review For; Trickett and Sons at Bairds.

Before I moved to Bungay I had never really thought about going to a green grocers before, I used to get all my fruit and veg from the big supermarkets because it was easier.

In Bungay we don’t really have a massive supermarket to get to apart from a Co Op which is usually over priced and doesn’t always have in it what I want.
So when I heard the town had this green grocers I thought I’d go check it out, I was expecting it to be really expensive seen as those it’s all local food, but when I got there I was massively surprised.
The shop is called Trickett and Sons at Bairds.
I must add now that the green grocers isn’t where it first was when I moved to the town, it is now inside the butchers which is handier for me as it’s closer to my home hehe.
I find it really handy with both businesses in one place, you can get everything you need under one roof, I hardly ever have to walk right into town to get extra things.
Everything in the shop is displayed very well, you can clearly see everything and their prices, the fruit and veg attracts your eyes more than the meat just because of how colourful everything is.
Not only does this wonderful shop have all the meat and vegetables you could possible want it also does; local bread and milk, local eggs, home baked pies, home made cakes,home made sandwiches, quiches, scotch eggs and so much more! My two children love the cakes that we can buy from there (they give them big thumbs up!)
I have found the meat to be slightly more expensive than the big supermarkets on occasion, but the difference for our family is the quality and knowing you are getting local produce, which to us is more important than price, the meat also tastes far better than anything you could buy in a supermarket so I think it’s worth paying the little bit extra for the quality.
The fruit and veg on the other hand is far cheaper than any supermarket we have shopped in before and the quality in that department is also second to none.
I love the onions from here, they are MASSIVE. I mean, seriously massive. One onion can last our family up to a week! The apples and pears are amazing too.
I can buy a whole weeks worth of fruit and veg for just under £6 from here. Which is a massive saving to the £20 plus we were spending in the big supermarkets and it lasts a lot longer too.
The staff here are also very welcoming and friendly, they are lovely to have a natter with and will go all out to help you.
I mentioned earlier that it was important for us as a family to know where our meat came from, well this butchers hand rears all the pigs, chickens and turkeys (Christmas Norfolk Blacks) and their farm isn’t far from Bungay (still in the Waveney area), they also have a farm shop.
Their opening times are; 7am-5pm Monday to Friday and 7am-4pm Saturday and Sunday.
Address is; 6 Upper Olland St, Bungay, Suffolk, NR35 1BG.
Craig (who owns the business) is also a lovely man, he and his wife have two boys themselves and they also foster children, he is also a much loved person in the Bungay community.
So if you are coming to Bungay on a holiday or if you are planning on moving here, you now know you will always have top quality meat, fruit and veg practically on your doorstep (they deliver too!)