Chocolate Tasting For Chocolate Lovers

So! Not long after my first blog reviews of Earsham Street Cafe and the Fisher Theatre went live I had a lovely lady called Lynn send me a message inviting me along for a chocolate tasting session at the Workhouse in Harleston which is a 15 minute drive from my town Bungay.

The name of the chocolate group is Le Club De Cacao, it meets monthly at the Workhouse at 7:30pm and lasts till just after 9:30pm and Lynn runs it herself.
Last night was the first session so I wasn’t too sure on what to expect, I had never been to anything like this before and admittedly it wasn’t something I’d probably have gone out of my way to go to but boy am I glad I did!

I had a warm greeting when I walked in, Lynn was very friendly and polite and made me feel most welcome, I had a quick nose around the building too.
When it got to just after half seven and everyone had arrived (there were only four of us) we all introduced ourselves and talked about why we were there that evening, pretty much because everyone just wanted to eat chocolate and learn about it all.
Lynn then started talking about her experiences in chocolate and you could clearly see her passion for the delightful bean, it was actually quite magical watching her, I don’t think I have ever come across someone so passionate about chocolate before.

The three people who were there for the first session got really involved in the class, lots of questions were asked, I learnt quite a few things already about chocolate, like what is classed as just basic chocolate and what would be classed as middle class etc.
We watched a five minute video which had been filmed by the people whose chocolate we were going to try that evening (The Mast Brothers), it was an interesting video because you got to see where the cacao beans came from and it was nice see a company actually get involved with the process of their chocolate making.

In front of us we had a sheet of paper with eight pieces of chocolate on it and under each piece of chocolate it said where it was from (lots of different countries such as Belize, Guatemala and Peru), with each piece of chocolate we smelt it and the Lynn told us to let it melt in our mouths before we chomp it so we could really taste it, all the different flavours. We had a chart infront of us too which helped us decide what flavours we could taste (such as earthy, floral, roasted and so on).
I must admit, I am not a fan of dark chocolate, or so I thought anyway, I realised last night I am not a fan of CHEAP dark chocolate. the percentage of the chocolate last night was in the 70’s so even though I was really skeptical before I tried each piece I actually enjoyed most of them, my favourite was from Tanzania (74%) as it tasted a bit gritty and earthy but it was also really creamy when swallowed.
I hated the Papa New Guinea chocolate which was 71%, it was a smoked chocolate (I didn’t even know they could smoke chocolate!) but it was just awful. Though to be honest I am not a fan of most smoked things anyway.
I really enjoyed tasting all different chocolate from around the world, I enjoyed learning about their different tastes and how to actually taste proper chocolate.
Also after each bit chocolate you tasted you had some water and a breadstick to help clean your palate.

You go to a group like that expecting to eat loads and loads of chocolate, but at the end you find that the 8 bits you get plus a little extra we had at the end to take home with was actually enough, I was really full on just those eight pieces which I found so strange.

The whole session was a complete delight to attend, I honestly hope that more and more people attend it because not only would it bring more people to our town but it would also introduce so many people to decent quality chocolate.

Membership is £45 for the year, which is an amazing price when you think about how expensive the chocolate is (I asked to buy the rest of the Tanzania chocolate bar and that was £6 itself and that was only half a bar!) and obviously the hire of the Workhouse venue too. You can also get a joint membership which is £75 and you can get a student rate membership for £30.
You get a nice members box which you get chocolate and lots of other bits and pieces inside of it.

Overall I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed myself and I am hoping to go back next month if I get the chance to.

You can visit the website for more information, the website is;

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