Things I Am Not Going To Worry About This Year

I worry. A lot! I can't help it, I have always been a worrier!
So this year I have decided to make a list of seven things I am NOT going to worry over this year.
1: Laundry.
I worry about the laundry on a daily basis. I have 4 people to wash clothes for including myself. I find it stressful as I hate folding and putting away the clean clothes. So this year, I am not going to stress over it, I am just going to do no more than 2 loads a day, if Robert leaves his dirty pants upstairs that's fine, when he wants them washed he can bring them downstairs himself and not expect me to go fetch them. I will make sure to put away the clean laundry each time it's done so we don't have bags of clothes hanging around waiting to be taken upstairs.
2: Birthdays.
I am not going to stress over the kids of families birthdays this year, I know what I'm doing for my mother's and Robert's already, not sure about anyone else's but I'm going to handle it in a calm manner and also not go over board with gifts, I do love to spoil people though.
3: My Dress Size.
I always worry about my dress size and weight, I know i'm never going to stop worrying about my weight but I will stop worrying about my dress size, just because dress sizes are different in every shop, I could be an 18 in one shop and a 14 in another! I will focus more on just losing weight and whatever dress size I become by the time I am done then that is what I will be, I think focusing on a dress size and trying to reach it and failing upsets me a lot sometimes, so I shall ignore it and deal with whatever comes!
4: Edward's Schooling.
I've been battling with myself with sending Edward to the primary school in another town and doing flexi schooling with the school as opposed to full on home schooling. I need to have a meeting with the head of the school to double check they are okay with it, but if not I won't worry about it, we will just home school.
5: Mess.
I do constantly tidy up after the kids, I really hate toys all over the living room/house, I like to be able to see the carpet and not stand on sharp toys with bare feet. But this year I plan on not fretting about it as much, just tidy up in the evening when Edward has gone to bed. I know kids make mess, that is what they are programmed to do, but I have never liked mess, can't stand it in my own home. But I shall this year chill out. Bits of mega blocks all over the floor? No problem! Pieces of puzzles mixed up everywhere? Whatever Trevor!
6: How Fast The Kids Do Or Don't Learn Things.
Most parents find themselves competing with each other and comparing on how well their kids are reading or writing at whatever age. I used to be one of those parents. But now, I don't really care! Admittedly both my kids are pretty advanced in different ways, but I don't see the point in bragging about it, I know my kids are doing well, nobody else really needs to hear about it (apart from in my blog or if people ask obviously!), so what if my son can't do algebra at 4 years old? So what if he can't tell me all the planets in the solar system? He can do many other things at his age that I'm sure a lot of other kids can't do! And as for Eppy? I'd like to see another 16 month old say 'please' and do a lot of the other things she can do for her age. Raising children is not a competition. They develop at their own pace.
7: Panic About The Future.
I sometimes lay there at night wondering what would happen if we lost our home, if Robert lost his job or what would happen if we split. I know at the moment all three of those things are very unlikely to happen, we are very comfortable and happy, we pride ourselves at being a fairly happy family and we have a lot of stability. But I've never been in such a comfortable relationship before, so I guess it's just sometimes I need to sit back and relax and know and keep telling myself that everything is fine, nothing is going to happen! Calm the fuck down Adelaide!