Steak & Rainbows

Yesterday was a fairly relaxed day, welcoming the new year into the world.
My mother came over for a bit, she's happy she's now bought an overlocker, she's hoping to get a new sewing machine soon, so when she does I'll get her old one, not that I have any idea when I'll get to use it as I still haven't had a chance to use the one I already have, not even had a chance to get it out of the box yet!

When mum left Robert and I got the kids ready and we went to the inlaws, but on the way to the inlaws something awful happened.

At the give way sign just up the road we let a green Micra car go by, the green car then went to drive into the Co Op's car park but realised the barriers were down, so he did a very quick 3 point turn and sped out right infront of, almost causing us to crash, I hurt my neck due to the sudden stop Robert had to do (don't blame him!) and we were all pretty shook up about it, when we got to the inlaws I cried a fair bit and Robert's mum gave me a hug. It was really awful, I was so scared about the children, eugh, if I ever see that green car in town I will key the fuck out of it.

Anyway, last night Robert cooked everyone steak whilst his dad did the chips and onion rings to go with it. Dinner was lovely and we all enjoyed it, Robert only set fire to the kitchen once =P

Today we haven't done a lot, went to Aldi to do our weekly shop as I didn't fancy it tomorrow what with it being our 2nd year anniversary, we managed to do our weekly shop for under £43 which was great.
We had lunch when we came home, the gift I bought Robert for tomorrow had arrived too which I gave to him early, it was a book called 'Dear Poo-Poohead' just a joke book really.
We've kinda just lounged around today really.

We have decided on what we are doing for Edward's 4th birthday now finally. Going to Colchester Zoo on the 28th of March, hopefully Skydi and her family will drive down with us too and join us, and then on Edward's actual birthday we will throw a small party probably round ours.
I'm glad we have it planned and sorted now, no worries =]
My mother has also informed me she has bought Edward a tablet for his birthday 0_0