I Really Hate Tutu's

Am I the only parent in the world who wouldn't even think about dressing my children in tutu's at such a young age?
When I think of tutu's I get an awful image of women on hen nights, sluts on Halloween and just general sluts.
The only time I think of tutu's as a good thing is when they are worn by professional dancers (like ballet or play dressing up at home.)

There is no way I would let my children leave the house wearing a tutu and vest and there is no way I'd let them enter beauty pageants or do photoshoots in them either.

I look at a little boy or girl when a parent has dressed them in them, especially with make up on and just think 'what have you done?', it makes me sad to think these parents are potentially ruining their children's childhood by doing this.

I'm not against a child of a certain age making their own mind up about wanting to wear whatever, as long as they are in control and it's their choice not their parents forcing them. But babies? Nah.

Unfortunately this world is full of perverts and pedophiles, so taking your child out and about dressed in next to nothing and letting the entire world see them like that (especially if you post the photos online) is just giving perverts something to look at, you shouldn't fuel their needs and sick problems.

I think if you are going to dress your kids up like that, do it at home, take photos by all means but keep them to yourself and family, don't stick them online for the world to see.
I don't personally want to see babies dressed up like women on hen nights, draped in chavy necklaces and smothered in make up.


Your children are beautiful without the puffy and make up shit. So don't force it.