Hobbits and Pork

Yesterday was mine and Robert's 2nd anniversary, the day was a bit boring till the afternoon arrived.
The inlaws came over to babysit the kids so Robert and I could go out to Norwich for the afternoon/evening.
I had put left over chilli in the slow cooker and rice in the microwave for the inlaws to sort for the kids for dinner and then Robert and I left once instructions were given for bedtime for Edward.

We went to the Dray Yard Smoke House for dinner, we got there around 4:30pm, the meal was so good! I had to laugh when the waiter brought out our mains as he presumed my 'all in burger' was for Robert, heh, he was wrong. My burger was a double burger, sliced brisket, pulled pork, monterey jack cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion and pickles in it. It was AMAZING.
I also had sweet potato fries a side and I ate the lot. I also had an ice cream sundae for afters.
I decided to have a huge meal because I knew today (Sunday) I would be starting my diet again, so I wanted to make sure my final meal was a good one.

After our meal we went to the cinema, we had a little wait for The Hobbit to start so we grabbed a coffee and a hot chocolate. Robert told me some really good news about work which I can't share yet till it's on paper, but it should be done super soon so I'll spill the beans then!

We watched the final Hobbit film, it was amazing, *SPOILER ALERT* I can't get over the dragon dies super quick at the start, I was hoping to see more of it as it was super cute, but alas no.
A lot of battles in that film which were awesome too.
The only thing I hate about cinemas is the seating, it's so uncomfortable and we even paid for premier seating! My bum really ached by the end of it!

When we got home we had noticed that the inlaws and Sadie (who had popped round in the end) had done some cleaning in the house, they had washed up and cleaned our bathroom haha.

Today is the first day back on my diet, I'm glad I'm back on it as I've gained 5 pounds over christmas, ohh the shameee.
I just need to remember to drink more water, it will stop me feeling so hungry. Although lately I haven't been that hungry, I don't know why, ah well.

Also today it's being a fairly relaxed day, Robert goes back to work tomorrow so we're just lounging around, not sure if we're going to go to the inlaws for a bit later, I'm not sure I can be bothered, I'm tired and have lots of laundry to do, I'm not worrying about the laundry, but we do have a lot to do so I just want to get one more load in the wash today (only one has gone in so far).